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Train Radio System TRS5000

Train Radio System according Railway normative specifications with integraded transceiver

The TRS5000 sets a new standard in the modern railway communications industry and closes the gap between old legacy analog systems and the expensive GSM-R system technology.


The Train Radio System TRS5000 is a specialized radio communication system for locomotives, metro trains and light rail. It has been designed according to the specifications for railway environmental requirements as defined in the European standards EN50155 and EN50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and provides the complete set of 3rd party certifications. As a result, it is a very durable and rugged train radio system with minimal space requirements.

The Train Radio System TRS5000 with its sub-components ZSE5000 as the central control unit and CoCo5000 as HMI is available in both, IP20 and IP65 ingress protection and can be mounted at critical locations within the rolling stock as well as in standard 19” (3HU) racks. The system uses an embedded TETRA mobile radio as RF front end. A configuration with one or even two CoCo5000 connected to the central control unit for double headed trains is possible. In railway networks the needs for equipment lifetime are much higher than for other markets. ErvoCom guarantees spare part support on PCB level for a minimum of 10 years after the system delivery.

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Supported Languages

  • Voice communication in point to point, group call and emergency mode
  • Hardware availability for direct implementation of on-board computer applications
  • Transparent data traffic from/to on board computer systems
  • Digital I/O’s for train control functions
  • Train-Line interface to on-board PA (Public Address) systems
  • Train-Line interface from/to INTERCOM and                                 passenger emergency terminals
  • Short message exchange (SDS)
  • According EN50155 and EN45545-2 3rd party certified train radio

HMI CoCo5000:

  • Railway proven HMI
  • Excellent tactile button feedback
  • Simple menu navigation through Scroll & Select
  • Separate emergency call button
  • Display with automatic brightness sensor
  • Keypad illumination
  • Connectors for speaker, microphone and handset
  • High-resolution TFT color display


Central Control Unit ZSE5000:

  • Frequency bands VHF and UHF
  • Train running number based call (functional addressing)
  • Point-to-point voice calls
  • Group calls
  • Call priority control
  • Call sub-addressing to PA- and INTERCOM systems
  • Data interfaces from / to other on-bord systems
  • Event, error, alarm and system-control messages via SDS
  • Easy software update via USB stick
  • MVB Interface (optional)
  • VSWR error detection (optional)
  • GPS positioning (optional)

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems: 
The Train Radio System internally is using LINUX as the operation system.

IP Technology: 
The Train Radio System provides the following protocols via Ethernet port:
- TCP / IP

The Train Radio System provides the following interfaces:
- Ethernet
- RS485
- Digital Inputs

System Architecture:
Dimetra IP Scalable 
Dimetra IP Micro 
Dimetra IP Compact