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SmartPTT Express

Flexible dispatch console for DIMETRA™ Express

All that DIMETRA™ dispatchers need for reliable communication is in a single application.

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SmartPTT Express is a flexible dispatch console solution for DIMETRA™ (TETRA digital radio system by Motorola Solutions). Supported DIMETRA™ platforms include Express, Compact, Micro, and X Core. All that DIMETRA™ dispatcher needs is in a single application now. Dispatch services include group, emergency and individual calls. Patches and multiselect technologies allow organizing calls to/between several talk groups. Administrative Patch Monitor helps observe and control all patches in the entire system. Highly customizable console interface allows flexible adjustment of any elements' availability and arrangement to create convenient and efficient dispatcher's workspace. Going beyond the dispatch capabilities, SmartPTT Express suggests integration with GPS positioning, voice recording, and SCADA extension for remote equipment control.

Brightcove Video Component
  • Robust and reliable communications

  • Simplified and safe day-to-day operations

  • Modern and flexible user interface, customized to every dispatcher needs 

  • Easy interaction between talkgroups and entire departments
  • Personnel safety

  • Easy radio system configuration and maintenance

  • Control & analytics 

  • Cost reduction
  • Voice Dispatch (all types of calls)

  • GPS Location

  • Text Messages

  • Custom Console
  • Radio Network Bridging

  • Emergency Management

  • Voice Recording 

  • Event Logging

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
DIMETRA™ R2.0 and newer

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems: 

  • CPU: at least dual core CPU with multithreading
  • RAM: at least 8 GB
  • GPU: DDR5, 2 GB
  • Storage: At least 256 GB
  • Audio: At least 2.0
  • Display: at least 19'', resolution is at least 1280x1200px

IP Technology:
Wireline IP connection to DIMETRA™ Express Server is required.

Donor radios might be connected using GPIO and dedicated radio gateways.

System Architecture:
DIMETRA™ Express

Other Requirements:
PostgreSQL connection is required to store subscriber location history (tracking)