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SmartPTT Express

DIMETRA™ flexible voice & data dispatch software

With SmartPTT Express dispatch software you will unlock the potential of DIMETRA™ system at its fullest. Instant communications and efficient team coordination - the system is under dispatcher's permanent control.


SmartPTT Express is a flexible dispatch console solution for DIMETRA™ (TETRA digital radio system by Motorola Solutions). Supported DIMETRA™ platforms include Express, Compact, Micro, and X Core. All that DIMETRA™ dispatcher needs is in a single application now.

Dispatch services include group, emergency and individual calls. Patches and multiselect technologies allow organizing calls to/between several talk groups. Administrative Patch Monitor helps observe and control all patches in the entire system. Highly customizable console interface allows flexible adjustment of any elements' availability and arrangement to create convenient and efficient dispatcher's workspace. 

Going beyond the dispatch capabilities, SmartPTT Express suggests integration with GPS positioning, voice recording, and SCADA extension for remote equipment control.

  • Seamless communications with individuals, groups, or all radio users
  • Simplified and effective coordination of day-to-day staff operations
  • Modern and flexible user interface, customized to every dispatcher needs, increases the speed of their work
  • Personnel control and safety: a dispatcher knows the exact location of the radio subscribers displayed on a map
  • Faster dispatcher operation and reaction time during emergencies
  • Data storage and easy reconstruction of incident details
  • Remote equipment control and asset management at industrial facilities by SCADA extension
  • Easy radio system configuration and maintenance
  • Voice dispatch
  • Group, emergency and individual calls
  • Prioritized calls (low/high priority)
  • Patch groups
  • Patch monitor
  • Emergency alarms
  • Audio notifications for private calls
  • Text messaging
  • Voice recording
  • Ambience listening
  • GPS positioning
  • SCADA extension
  • CCGW and RG-1000e support

Flexible output audio channel configuration

  • Volume control per talk group
  • Activity log
  • Touchscreen support
  • Highly customizable interface


  • Centralized event log
  • Role-based access (dispatcher, privileged dispatcher, supervisor)
  • Authentication using Windows user credentials
  • Flexible resource access rights configuration

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
SmartPTT Express is available for all TETRA terminal units including radios, pagers, etc. operating in DIMETRA™ networks.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems: 
MS Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise / Enterprise LTSC 2016 / Windows Server 2016 / Windows Server 2019. Only х64 Editions are supported.
Client Application: Dual-core CPU 3.4GHz / 8GB RAM / 256GB HDD / HD 2.0 audio / 19" 1280x1200 2GB graphics

IP Technology: 
Requires IP connection to DIMETRA™ infrastructure.

100/1000 Ethernet, IPv4, <150ms delay, <100ms jitter

Software release version:
SR8.3 and later