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Sirius Remote Panel (MOTOTRBO)

Custom designed panel for use in rough environments

A compact control head solution for DM4600 MOTOTRBO radios. It can be installed within environments non-feasible with standard radio control heads - while maintaining use of both analogue and digital DMR channels


The Sirius Remote Panel is designed and built to meet the demanding requirements of all outdoor mobile operations. On land, water or snow. It is dust and water proof to IP67 and certified to -20°Celsius (-4°F).

The main menu shows the radios standard icons in the same way as the radios display. It also shows the active channel/talkgroup presented in text format. In a quick access menu it gives the basic functions of channel/talkgroup change, volume control and display light control. From the quick access menu there is also a choice to go into the radios standard menu system. There you can navigate and make settings in the same manor as from the radios control panel.

The display is of the transflective type, this means that background light (sunlight) is reflected back and helps to light up the display for best visibility in bright light.

  • Ruggedized for a wide range of environments, weather and applications
  • Readable in all light conditions
  • Easy to use, including when wearing safety gear and gloves
  • Touch screen operated
  • Independent of radio infrastructure
  • Interactive menus
  • Retains full use of standard Motorola MOTOTRBOTM control head
  • Range of mounting options, including custom installation
  • Full use of the MOTOTRBOTM menus
  • Emergency button by pressing and holding the touch screen
  • Can be used with any audio equipment
  • Small and compact 90x62x26mm
  • Connects to a MOTOTRBOTM DM4600/DM4601 and their equivalents in other regions (and also the e-versions)
  • XPR5550
  • XPR5580
  • DGM5500
  • DGM8500
  • XiR M8660
  • XiR M8668
  • The panel is connected on the back port of the radio and the standard control head can be kept on the front.
  • Audio accessories can be connected on the same port or at the front.
  • The infrastructure is not relevant. The panel can be used with any type of DMR or analogue network.