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ShortTrack Live

Automatic vehicle location application

Shorttrack lives automatic management of the field information and multiple user interface devices ensures an efficient fleet coordination at any time from any devices.


ShortTrack Live is AVL software for small/medium fleets designed to operate over a digital professional mobile radio (PMR) channel using MOTOTRBO radios with built-in GPS. ShortTrack supports the fleet coordinator, granting the full situation awareness about fleet and force deployment. ShortTrack Live keeps involved the fleet coordinator in the decision loop, even in emergency conditions.

ShortTrack Live is a one-click-install client/server application. User interface can be any modern javascript enabled web browser. Unlimited connections are allowed to the server, so fleet management can be managed using multiple devices at the same time: PC, tablet, smartphone, SmartTV…

ShortTrack is a cost effective solution for small/medium fleet and can be as simple as one single operator working with a stand-alone laptop computer or a large control centre with several parallel operating positions, running on client server architecture.

• AVL for small/medium size fleets.

• Headless client/server server application. User interface can be any web browser, running on any device.

• Unlimited client number, sharing information.

• Auto complete contact list using Automatic Registration Service (ARS).

• Multiple live maps supported.

• Offline reports: direct KML export is suitable to perform off-line track and path analysis.

• Shared user defined markers and polygons aid to define fixed radio station or specific points of interest.

• External DBMS (SQL Server or MySQL) can be used to collect and export data to other system.

• Easy to use, zero day training.

• Affordable.

• Multiple base radio & GPS revert channel supported.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
Any MOTOTRBO radio with built in GPS enabled.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC running Microsoft Windows® 8/7/Vista/XP2000 operating system.

USB port for MOTOTRBO radios. Wired/wireless ethernet card.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct mode, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.