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ShortTrack GT

Automatic vehicle location application

Shorttrack gt is a cost effective avl solution for small and medium fleet. Easy to set up,it can suit one single operator working with a stand-alone computer as well as a large control centre configuration.


ShortTrack is AVL software for small/medium fleets designed to operate over a professional mobile radio (PMR) channel. ShortTrack supports the radio operator, granting the full situation awareness about fleet and force deployment.

ShortTrack keeps involved the radio operator in the decision loop, even in emergency conditions. Automatic management of the field information feedback and distance-based contact book sorting ensures an efficient fleet coordination.

Due to the variety of communication devices, ShortTrack can be integrated with existing radio network, localising only the terminals equipped with localisation hardware. User defined markers aid to define fixed radio station or specific points of interest. Using the TrackViewer application, it is possible to perform off-line track and path analysis. Integration with CCTV systems allows the direct control of the field.

ShortTrack is a cost effective solution for small/medium fleet and can be as simple as one single operator working with a stand alone laptop computer or a large control centre with several parallel operating positions, running on client server architecture. The native full integration with Codice voice and text dispatcher expands the system functions to a complete voice and data solution.

• AVL for small/medium size fleets.

• Vector data, raster and CAD formats are supported, allowing having always up-to-date maps.

• Two-maps design allows the radio operator to focus on specific zone, keeping the control on the whole working area.

• Off line reports (with TrackViewer).

• Operates as standalone or client-server option.

• Scalable from 1 to many operators.

• Easy to use.

• Affordable.

• Can be integrated with existing network, able to operate on analogue and digital radio networks using any type of terminal equipment (mobile and portable).

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC with Pentium® III 700 MHz minimum processor, Microsoft Windows® 2000 or later operating system, 128 MB of RAM, XGA (1024x768) of higher-resolution monitor.

RS232 port for conventional radios. USB port for MOTOTRBO radios. Ethernet card for client/server architectures.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct mode, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus,Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.