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Remote Telemetry & Control Unit

Remote monitoring & control via TETRA network safety & efficiency

Whenever there is a need for secure and reliable monitoring and control of remote technical installations, Zonith’s Remote Telemetry and Control Unit (RTCU) will do the job. Saving you miles of cables it wirelessly transmits alarms safely to personnel.


ZONITH RTCU is a small remote telemetry and control unit that communicates using a connected TETRA radio or the built-in GSM modem. An easy and effective solution that monitors threshold levels for a more efficient workplace.

For a more efficient workplace, the RTCU saves you the trip to remote installations unless it is absolutely necessary. The RTCU connects to alarm sources and sends text messages via GSM or TETRA if a threshold level is reached. It can also be used for remote control of lights, gates, sound or other technical installations - directly from your handset.

Remote installations that previously had to be controlled manually can now be monitored and remotely controlled by personnel on the ground through their TETRA radios. The RTCU operates on a TETRA network (and GSM), which is used for public safety and security communication, and is the safest wireless way to transmit information.

• Easy Configuration. This small hardware unit can easily be installed and connected to any technical installation with input and output signals. The unit is delivered pre-configured with a simple step-by-step installation guide.

• Remote Control and Monitoring. Remote installations can be monitored by personnel using a TETRA radio or mobile phone on the ground. They can also be managed from a control room.

• Cost Effective. The RTCU provides a cost effective solution by using your existing telecom network. 

• Tough, Versatile and Secure. With an IP67 rating, RTCU has proven reliability in harsh environmental conditions. It supports remote monitoring and control of exposed installations such as pipelines, tunnels and wind farm installations.

• Effortless Functionality. Instantly sends a message when an input is activated or a threshold value has been reached. Output signals and relays can be activated by sending an SDS or SMS text message back to the unit from a radio or control room software application.

• Integrates seamlessly with Motorola Call-Out, enabling the transmission of high priority SDS messages between the RTCU and radio users.

• Easy installation via input and output signals.

• Communicates using a connected TETRA radio or via built-in GSM modem.

• Monitor and control from TETRA radios or mobile phones on the ground.

• Monitor and control from a control room computer.

• Output signals and relays can be activated by sending an SDS or SMS text message back to the unit from a radio or control room software application.

• Remotely control lights, gates, sound systems and other technical installations directly from a handset.

• Fully certified to IP67 for proven operation in harsh environments.

• Self monitoring ‘heart beat’ feature highlights any maintenance needs or communication failures.

• GSM communication fail-over if TETRA communication is down.

The ZONITH RTCU works on TETRA networks and requires a Windows-based computer for software installation. Radio Requirements of the ZONITH RTCU – applicable for all TETRA radios and networks. Transmission and reception of high priority messages requires Motorola Call-Out software license.