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Technological and personal alarm management and transfer

Is a highly performing alarm transfer solution providing an interface to most alarm systems available in the market including: personal alarm (geolocalisation), man-down alarm, SCADA and PLC alarms, technological alarm, healthcare alarm, nurse call system and alarms from 3rd party software.


The PHOENYX suite allows to transfer different types of alarms or events coming from external sources (technology alarms I/O, personal alarms such as man-down, push-button, no-movement, pull-cord), fire system or nurse call, to the telephone system (PABX or GSM), radio system (MOTOTRBO/TETRA) and to the IT world.

PHOENYX uses alarm connectors I/O with external contacts and an IP interface where all contacts are set; serial interface (serial/IP) used in ESPA solution (nurse call) or RS-232 solution (Fire protection system). PHOENYX processes the data received by the source devices and transfers them as defined by the user, either: SMS, email, call, text or a generic text output. Alarms can be notified as a text or vocal message with internal IVR, due the security laws, focus of the lone worker solution.

PHOENYX suite support: Group management, different priority, acknowledge and reverse acknowledge, virtual environment (VMware or Virtual host Oracle). PHOENYX can be integrated into an existing infrastructure using standard technology instead of a proprietary platform which require specific phone, DECT system or base system. PHOENYX is a web-based solution configured and managed via a web interface from any PC connected via LAN without any client installation.

• Compatible with every telephone system VoIP and/or traditional (through a normal gateway) using standard phone protocols such as SIP, H323, IAX2

• Capable to capture every information or event towards any kind of mobile or fixed solution, whatever the brand, type or technology (DECT, IP-DECT, wi-fi, GSM, RTC, ISDN).

• No implementations or upgrades or replacement with proprietary hardware, using the existing environment and hardware.

• Developed in a Linux Debian environment and uses the most efficient programming language as .NET, Apache, etc.

• Information stored in MYSQL Database, which is encrypted and hidden in the normal user interface.

• Phoenyx can interface with an extensive range of alarm systems, including:

- Open/Close contacts (I/O)

- Serials (RS232, 422, 485, etc.)

- Fire System (different vendor)

- ESPA 4.4.4 protocol

- Printer server

- Personal alarms (man-down, push-button and nomovement) with different system

- Localisation on Radio Network, IP-DECT network, wi-fi and GSM via GPS with 3D maps (Bing!)

- Localisation through proprietary locators



- Nurse call (different vendor)


- Mail


- ORACLE and Espresso

- Access control


- HL7


Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO/TETRA Radio with USB interface towards PC or MOTOTRBO/TETRA vehicular radio with USB interface toward PC.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC with Pentium® Dual Core minimum processor, Microsoft Windows® XP or later operating system, 2x250 GB HDD SATA, 3 GB of RAM, XGA (1024x768) of higher-resolution monitor, Virtualization software such as VMWARE or Virtual Box for Ubuntu OS.

USB port for MOTOTRBO radios. Ethernet card for web access.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
A DMR radio or a DMR vehicular radio connected to PC via USB.