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Offshore Wind Farm Personnel Tracking Solution

Ensuring safety of personnel

Zonith provide solutions for safety, security and situation awareness and a core element in these solutions is to provide immediate information about staff locations if an incident should happen. Zonith software solution uses standard GPS technology to determine the position so staff can be safeguarded no matter where they are located.


ZONITH Offshore Wind Farm Personnel Tracking Solution is a Dimetra based system that monitors where maintenance and service engineers are located at all times. An essential solution that combines TETRA radios and RFID readers to ensure the safety of personnel working in difficult and often isolated environments.

Efficiency and a constant focus on safety are vital aspects of maintaining wind farms.

The ZONITH Offshore Wind Farm Personnel Tracking Solution provides Wind Farm operators with accurate information about engineer location to ensure their safety at all times, whether travelling on a vessel or working on a wind turbine platform.

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• Simple Swipe-in System. Each engineer has an RFID swipe card and a GPS enabled TETRA radio.
On boarding a vessel, they simply swipe their identity card on the ZONITH RFID Swipe Card unit.

• Centralised Monitoring – Engineer ‘On Vessel’. Using TETRA SDS messaging, the unit dispatches swipe-in data and the GPS location of the vessel to a Wind Farm Manager application, which verifies the information and returns a TETRA SDS message.
Acknowledgement of this message confirms the location via the GPS position of their radio.

• Centralised Monitoring – Engineer ‘On Wind Turbine Platform’. Vessels travel towards the wind farm entering a geo-fenced area surrounding the location of a turbine. The engineer swipes his identity card on the RFID unit to verify he will disembark and enter the wind turbine.

• Easy and Flexible Configuration. The system is highly scalable for monitoring small and large scale wind farms. It can be enhanced to include lone worker and automatic emergency alarm monitoring for identifying the location of personnel in distress.

• Tracks personnel when boarding and disembarking a Wind Farm service vessel.

• Verifies personnel locations using RFID and TETRA GPS messaging.

• Ensures accurate location data using geo-fences at each wind turbine.

• Interfaces directly to the MOTOROLA Dimetra short data router.

Interfaces to Dimetra via a Motorola Dimetra Short Data Router interface and Mobile TETRA radio PEI interface.

The solution is based on a standalone ZONITH.

Radio Requirements of the ZONITH Offshore Wind Farm Personnel Tracking Solution – applicable for all TETRA radios.