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Mimer Softradio (MOTOTRBO)

Connecting radios all over the world

You can now operate your MOTOTRBO terminal from your PC with a virtual control head. You can place the radio local or anywhere in the world and connect over the Internet. This will open up new ways to build dispatch centres.


Mimer SoftRadio is a dispatch software application with remote VOIP technology and logging functions for all types of two-way radio users. Together with network interfaces for different types of radios it connects any radio to IP. The system works both over local LAN and over the Internet with the audio as VoIP. This is a perfect solution for small or medium size dispatch centrals with a mix of radio systems and a mix of local and remote radios.

Mimer SoftRadio gives the dispatcher virtual control heads for each radio type, giving the feeling of “sitting in front of the radio”. The dispatcher has full control of the radios keypad and its display. The dispatcher can mix analogue radios with Tetra and MOTOTRBO. Even intercoms and phones can be mixed in the same system. 

Each radio dispatcher can handle up to 8 or 30 radios, depending on software size, at the same time on his computer. And each radio can be controlled by up to 99 dispatchers in parallel. Larger versions are also available.

• Using virtual control heads for each radio type, giving the feeling of “sitting in front of the radio”.

• Easy to deploy.

• Radio infrastructure independent.

• Works on LAN/WAN/Internet.

• Scalable from 1-100+ operators, 1-100+ radios.

• Analogue/DMR/Tetra.

• Cross Patch between systems.

• Phone Connect.

• Voice Recorder.

• Remote I/O:s.

• Speed dial/text list.

• Call Logging.

• 5-tone/MDC/DSC/DMR.

• Multi language.

• SIP phone interface

• Redundancy. The system has no central controller that becomes the "weak link in the chain". All intelligence is distributed beween the interface by the radio and the PC software. Between them is just standard IP.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
DM3600, DM3601, DM4600, DM4601 and their equivalents in other regions. Also the e-versions are compatible.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
Runs on Windows PC´s, preferably with WIN10.
The PC needs an IP network connection and an audio card with accessories.
The software is well adapted for use on touch screen PC´s.

A basic system needs one software license per PC and one network interface per radio.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
The network interface connects to a mobile radio, so it will work with any type of infrastructure.

Other Requirements
Dealer should have good knowledge in both radio systems and PC-LANs.