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Mimer MapView

Presents your radio units on a map or satellite view.

To know where your resources are is a key benefit for a radio dispatcher. With Mimer MapView you will always have the latest position at hand. You will also have an instant overview at an emergency alarm and a history list.


Mimer MapView is an add- on to our VoIP system Mimer Soft Radio. It will display your radios positions on a map using Google Maps, Open street Maps on your own Maps. It will also highlight radios that are in emergency mode.

The map can be zoomed to the exact view that you need and specific radios can easily be centered on the map. Each radio can have its own icon and text label for fast viewing.

For each radio there is a history list, so that you can follow the latest movements, if for example a person in emergency can't be found.

Additional Resources

Demo software available on request.

Supported Languages

Emergency Control. Incoming emergency’s are shown both with specific alarm icons and with an audio alarm signal. The alarm is always zoomed in on the map and shown on top in the radio list.

Call and Text. By right clicking on the radio icon or in the radio list you get menus for sending a call or a text message to the radio.

Radio List. In a server application you setup a list of your TETRA radio resources. Here you specify for example what name and icon you would like to show on the map.


One User or Many. The server information can be placed on the same PC as the operator is using or placed on a machine shared by many operators. All connections are made in a standard LAN environment. The system is scalable so that you can start small and grow.

Infrastructure. Mimer MapView is fully integrated with all functions of Mimer SoftRadio so you can share the same radio resources. It connects to one or more TETRA radios, not to the infrastructure, this means that you can use any type and size of TETRA system. You can also connect other (TETRA or non TETRA) radios that handles GPS information to the MapView.

• Click on a radio and zoom in on that radios position.

• In the case of an incoming emergency the map will automatically zoom to the radio.

• Hide all radios from the map, but the emergency. Click on a radio in the list or on the map and send a call or a text message.

• Bring forward a history trail of one or more radios.

• Users that don't want to be shown on a map can be turned off so that they are only shown in the case of emergency. No history list is gathered either.

• Make your own fixed points on the map, for example your office or an important customer.

• Use all functions in Google Maps, for example a satellite photo instead of a map chart.

• Use your own maps, for example showing an industrial plant in detail.

The GPS equipped radios in the TETRA system shall send their positioning info to one specific radio unit that is connected to Map View. The infrastructure type is not relevant.

MapView consists of a server software and client software for all operators.

Both softwares run on Windows. In small systems they can be installed on the same machine.