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Dispatcher solution For tetra terminals

A Computer Aided dispatch system for Public Safety Control Rooms, replacing you Motorola MCC7500 user interface with an easy to use GUI providing mutual Text and Status messaging. IHM’s TETRA CAD is a proven technology with more than 100 positions installed.


The IHM TETRA CAD is an application for public safety control rooms that makes computer aided dispatch easier than ever. Seen from a user perspective, it replaces the MCC7500 GUI, expanding services to status call and text messaging.

The application runs on the MOTOROLA MCC7500 radio dispatcher API (API with Remote API Server but without SSL) and is installed on existing MCC7500 PC’s. A shared server is included to accommodate Status and Call Queue with mutual synchronisation on all Dispatch Seats.

• Easy Integration. Runs on the Motorola MCC7500 radio dispatcher.

• Full Range of Services. Features include Mutual Status messaging, Mutual Call queue and Mutual SDS messaging on all operator terminals via a shared server.

• Automatic Backup. As an option, the server can be duplicated.

• Proven technology with more than 100 positions installed.

• Mutual status messages on all operator terminals.

• Mutual Call queue on all operator terminals.

• Mutual SDS message call queue on all operator terminals.

The software requires a MOTOROLA MCC7500 radio dispatcher and a common Windows server.

Radio Requirements of the IHM TETRA CAD – applicable for MCC7500 TETRA radios with Dimetra IP System Release 7.1, Dimetra IP Compact or Scalable Dimetra Release 4.1 or Dimetra IP Micro/Dimetra LiTE Release 2.0.