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IHM Status Panel

One button push to transmit an sds or a status message

The IHM status panel is designed with consideration for the environment it is to be used in. It makes it simple and easy to transmit text and status messages from TETRA mobile radios, even when using gloves.


IHM Status Panel makes it simple to transmit status and SDS messages from a mobile TETRA installation. The Status Panel makes it possible to receive a job including destination address and then automatically program the destination to a connected Garmin Navigator for this to start navigating.

Send jobs to police cars, fire trucks or ambulances from a control center including destination address for fast and precise dispathing and total understanding. You receive fast and accurate status messages from your vehicles, providing you with an overview of the actual status of your resources.

• Efficient Information Exchange. Provides the most efficient way for information to be exchanged between the vehicle and control centre.

• One Touch Operation. Status messages can be sent to several control rooms (GSSI/ISSI) by pressing just one key. After having sent the status message the button will remain illuminated. In this way you can see the latest message sent to the control centre at a glance.


• Easy to Use. Features large buttons allowing users to easily send messages even while wearing gloves.

• Quick Navigation. With a Garmin Navigator connected to the Status Panel, vehicles can receive jobs including destination address. The destination will automatically be transferred to the navigator for instant navigation.

• Customisable button text and colours.

• Rugged design - fully dust and water proof.

• Small size fits into almost any public safety vehicle.

• Messages for ‘Depart’ and ‘Arrive’ can be sent automatically.

• Proven technology with over 1500 units installed.

Connects to MOTOROLA TETRA MTM800E, MTM5400 and MTP850S in DCK Car kit via a PEI interface. Connects to Garmin Navigator with FMI cable.

Radio Requirements of the IHM Status Panel – applicable for MTM800E, MTM5400 and MTP850S TETRA radios with Dimetra IP System Release 7.1, Dimetra IP Compact or Scalable Dimetra Release 4.1 or Dimetra IP  icro/Dimetra LiTE Release 2.0.