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FS-3000 / FS-4000

Option boards for data transfer

FS-3000 and FS-4000 option boards are extremely simple solutions for data transfer over RS-232. A typical application has proved to be the ability to connect older RTUs to newer MOTOTRBO radios to facilitate migration to digital and protect investment.


FS-3000 and FS-4000 are option boards providing an interface with different data devices via a RS-232 interface. FS-3000 is designed for use with any MOTOTRBO R1.X radios and FS-4000 with MOTOTRBO DM2xxx/DM4xxx radios. FS-3000 and FS-4000 option boards are respectively compliant with Motorola requirements for MOTOTRBO R1.X OB and MOTOTRBO R2.X OB. FS-3000 comes in two models: FS-3000M for MOTOTRBO mobile radios and FS-3000P for MOTOTRBO portable radios.

The option board is installed inside the radio and uses the internal bus of the radio. The data-cable is connected to the mini-jack on the option board. For the portable, the data-cable for the portable radio is connected directly to the accessory connector.

The MOTOTRBO radio equipped with FS-3000 or FS-4000 option board can be used by various kinds of telemetry controllers in Utilities, Oil & Gas and Water supply, Energy/power supply and Industrial Automation.

A typical application is the ability to connect older RTUs to newer MOTOTRBO radios to facilitate migration to digital and protecting investment.

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Supported Languages

• Allows data rates of up to 2.4 Kbps Over-the-Air.

• Has its own data buffering and error correction.

• Can be easily programmed locally or remotely ‘over-the-air’.

• Can be used with many other controllers with a RS-232 interface.

• ARM7 microprocessor architecture.

• MAX3232 line driver.

• Hardware handshaking (RTS, CTS).

• Max Tx PDU size is 1500 bytes.

• Own buffering of 16 packets and error correction.

• Windows based configuration software.

• Local and remote “over-the-air” programming (from one to another).

• Adjustable interface parameters (bit rate, data bits,…) and radio initialisation (ID, CAI Network).

• Upgrade is easy and available after new OP firmware is released.

• Approved on MOSCAD, ACE36XX and Delta-X controllers.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
FS-3000 Compatible with all MOTOTRBO R1.X radios.
FS-4000 compatible with MOTOTRBO DM2xxx/DM4xxx radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC or data device with the serial port.

Data-cables for mobile or portable MOTOTRBO radios (delivered with the appropriate model of Option board).
“End” connectors can be either RG-45 or DB-9 in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct Mode, Repeater Mode.

Other Requirements
Very good knowledge of MOTOTRBO CPS and RS-232 configurations. The distributor must be equipped with the tools to install an Option board and after them to restore the waterproof of the radio.