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Track and manage vehicles, People and assets

IHM-CAD is an intuitive and user friendly call center/command and control room communications solution for all kinds of speech communication, text paging and alerting gathered in one easy to use platform. COM4500 is a highly flexible PC communication switch for radio, telephony and alarms. It is particularly suited for fire and home care systems.


The IHM COM4500 TETRA CAD provides gateway connection between the MOTOROLA ICCS and operator positions. These are configured for IP and can therefore be placed local or remote from the central switching equipment.

The IHM COM4500 TETRA CAD provides a full function Graphical User Interface for TETRA through the MOTOROLA ICCS. Functions include services for status call and text messaging. The solution also provides gateway interfaces to PBX, PSTN, GSM and Legacy Radio. A shared server is included to accommodate Status and Call Queue with mutual synchronisation on all Dispatch Seats.

• Easy to Use. Provides a quick overview and easy operation of all your communication resources.

• Full Range of Services. Features include Mutual Status messaging, Mutual Call queue and Mutual SDS messaging on all operator terminals and POCSAG text paging via a shared server.

• Seamless Integration. Supports all DIMETRA IP communication facilities, PBX/PSTN telephony integration over analogue or digital lines and includes a GSM/SMS text interface.

• Proven technology with more than 100 positions installed.


• Supports fall back communication using IHM FWT (Fixed Wireless Terminal providing an over-the-air TETRA connection).

The gateway and software requires MOTOROLA ICCS, optional PBX (analogue/ISDN or VoIP), IHM FWT, POCSAG transmitter and Legacy Radio base stations.

Radio Requirements of the IHM COM4500 TETRA CAD – applicable for all TETRA radios and networks with Dimetra IP System Release 7.1, Dimetra IP Compact or Scalable Dimetra Release 4.1 or Dimetra IP Micro/Dimetra LiTE Release 2.0.