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C.O.di.CE II

Radio dispatcher, call logging, voice recorder

A cost-effective radio dispatcher for small to large command and control centers, C.O.di.CE II provides a full voice and data solutions that considerably improves the fleet situation awareness, allowing the radio dispatch operator to react very rapidly.


C.O.di.CE is an integrated and modular dispatch system, based on a Client-Server architecture, for the management of voice and data communications suitable for multi-operator, multi-channel and multi-protocol PMR networks.

C.O.di.CE has been designed for the radio operator to considerably improve their situation awareness of the fleet. It allows the operator to react very rapidly even in case of emergency. Easily configurable even by unskilled users, C.O.di.CE permits an independent configuration for each channel to manage different radio protocols at the same time without changing user operation mode.

C.O.di.CE includes an integrated call logging and voice recorder that capture the radio traffic on each channel and store everything on low cost digital storage. Radio communications can be rebuilt at any time. The dynamical phonebook, with its dual display mode, allows the operator to effectively communicate with the fleet and allows a real time radio fleet expansion.

The radio positions are displayable on Google Maps (requires Internet connection) and Google Earth (requires Internet connection or maps caching).

• Full voice and data solution.

• Events logger with offline analysis.

• Voice call recorder with real time playback.

• Predefined and free text messages.

• Several safety levels.

• Easy to use.

• Modular.

• Multioperator, multichannel and multiprotocol (5T, ETS 300 230, DMR, TETRA).

• Efficient use of channel bandwidth.

• Easy configuration.

• Fully integrated with AVL software ShortTrack.

• Open to third party applications (protocol available for developers).

• Supports analogue conventional and digital radios (both DMR and TETRA).

• Scalable from one single operator with a stand-alone laptop to large control center with several parallel operating positions.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility 
Motorola DM/DP series.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC with OS Microsoft Windows XP PRO or higher.

RS232 port for conventional radios or TETRA radios. USB
port for MOTOTRBO radios. Ethernet card for client/server
architectures. Sound Card for voice recorder.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus,
Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus.