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Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Indoor locations to mototrbo radios

Without affecting radio network performance, ZONITH IPS delivers real-time indoor positioning for MOTOTRBO radios and any other permanently discoverable Bluetooth device to keep track of employees and assets in the interests of safety.


The ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS) uses LAN connected beacons to track Bluetooth enabled MOTOTRBO radios within a building. The software application has a graphical user interface to display the real-time location of radio users. Each ZONITH Bluetooth Positioning Beacon creates a detection zone and transfers the location of Bluetooth devices to a central computer over the LAN. The Beacons can be tuned to cover small or wide areas. The system delivers real-time indoor positioning throughout a building, without affecting the radio network performance. Control room staff can move throughout maps and floor plans to locate and track people indoors instead of having to receive position information by voice or other means. Bluetooth enabled radios are only monitored in real time when Bluetooth is turned on. The ZONITH Indoor Positioning System (IPS) has been delivered successfully in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, offshore installations, power plants and other large facilities where size and staff safety makes location an issue.

By combing the ZONITH IPS with ZONITH ACS people are instantly notified of the exact position of a member of staff when they activate an emergency alarm on a MOTOTRBO radio. The system automatically sends a text message with the exact location information of the member of staff in distress to other radio users or control room staff.

• Locates people indoors in real-time using Bluetooth.

• Automatically transmits location information to personnel by digital radio.

• Gives a complete general overview of staff resources.

• Clear graphical overview of people’s locations within a building, enabling control room staff to immediately see where resources are - especially in emergency situations.

• Interface can be accessed through a standard browser from any computer connected to the LAN.

• Many enhanced lone worker protection features.

• IPS is used to create ‘Safe Areas’. If a member of staff leaves a ’Safe Area’ IPS will automatically activate Lone Worker services to ensure the person’s safety.

• Reporting feature records a person’s position, movement and time within a building.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
Bluetooth Side Adapter PMLN5712B for DP3xxx radios.

MOTOTRBO firmware release 2.3 or higher.
Computer Hardware / Operating Systems PC Dual-core 2GHZ CPU or higher, 4GB of system RAM, Windows Server or Windows 7. Supports 100/1000 LAN to transfer location data of Bluetooth devices.


MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Direct, Conventional Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus.

Other Requirements
Understanding of wireless technologies and IP.