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Lone Worker Protection

Improve safety and efficiency

ZONITH Lone Worker is an application that sends messages to staff to check they are safe. If no-one responds or accepts the alert an alarm is immediately raised. For extended protection, Lone worker can be activated automatically in geo fenced areas.' and on the green banner replace text for 'Intelligent Lone Worker Solution.


ZONITH Centralised Lone Worker is a Windows-based software application that monitors people by sending messages to their radio or phone - an essential solution for ensuring lone worker safety.

Keeping workers safe is a critical objective for every organisation. ZONITH CLW monitors personnel and immediately notifies support staff if replies are not received so action can be taken. This essential application gives workers assurance that their  safety is being monitored even if their equipment fails or is out of coverage.

• Cost Savings. Simultaneously supports TETRA, MOTOTRBO DMR, MPT1327 and mobile phones from a single centralized installation. Automatically activates and deactivates Lone Worker services across an entire work force, eliminating recurring charges.

• Intelligent Solution. Activates automatically based on the time of day or your location within a building Works with ZONITH Indoor Positioning to create Safe Areas, activating and deactivating when a person leaves and returns to a Safe Area.

• Flexible and Scalable. Allows you to start small and develop your Lone Worker solution without the need to purchase additional hardware by using existing radios. Supplied tool kit enables people to create user profiles for total protection of an entire workforce. 

• Automatic Scheduling. Can be configured for individuals or large groups to turn on or off automatically at any time of day or night. A simple graphical user interface provides an overview of the Lone Worker status of each employee.

• ‘Alive Check’ messages can be sent whenever required - Lone Workers have a fixed amount of time to respond before an alarm is raised.

• Retry option gives users the flexibility to wait for the next ’Alive Check’ without triggering an alarm. 

• Messages can be defined and easily changed by the administrator to guarantee that only the right people are responding.

• Automatic Alarm Escalation when a Lone Worker fails to respond to an ‘Alive Check’ message. 

• Password protected software installed on a single central computer for total security to prevent unauthorised access.

• Accessible using any connected web browser.

The ZONITH CLW works on TETRA networks and requires a Windows-based computer for software installation.

Radio Requirements of the ZONITH CLW – applicable for all TETRA radios and networks.