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TRBOnet Software for Generic Option Boards (GOBs)

The radio got smarter

Your MOTOTRBO radio can be (or already is) equipped with a Generic Option Board (GOB) that can be programmed with software that enhances the capabilities of the radio. This software is available with the flexibility so that it works with both TRBOnet and Motorola's GOBs. You can easily configure Personal Safety Alarms such as Man Down or No Movement, utilize the Store and Forward technique for GPS data or even Geofencing alarms specific to a particular radio. It works seamlessly with TRBOnet Enterprise or Plus and can also operate in the standalone mode.

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Most, or all, MOTOTRBO radios have a special slot where a GOB can be installed. This GOB can be flashed with custom software that adds features to the radio that operate in tandem with existing radio features. The TRBOnet GOB software implements the Store and Forward technique where GPS location information is acquired and retained in the internal GOB memory every 2-5 seconds. This information is then later compressed and sent to TRBOnet Server when there is a free radio channel. Every GOB can store up to 500,000 coordinates, (approximately 1.5 to 4.5 months operating an 8-hour shift 5 days a week) even when your radio is outside the radio coverage area.

The enhanced Personal Safety Alarm features included in the GOB’s software are Man Down, No Movement and Crash Detect. The software analyzes data from the radio’s orientation and its acceleration, and based on this information, if the parameters exceed the predefined user programmable values, will generate an alarm. All settings are configurable and can be adapted to the customer’s unique needs.

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Supported Languages

+ Frequent GPS update

+ GPS outside the radio coverage area

+ Compresses GPS packets

+ Saves the radio channel

+ Geo-roaming (automatically changes the channel when entering or leaving a designated area)'

  • Store and Forward
  • Man Down
  • Crash Detect
  • No Movement
  • Internal data storage
  • Mobile geofencing
  • Configurable alarms

• Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus 2.5 or above

• Compatible with Capacity Max