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TETRA Integration on Alphacom Intercom Systems

The ideal solution for complete coverage

When life is at risk and when big money is at risk STENTOFON AlphaCom E provides out of the box , or tailored, critical communications. It is a powerful and flexible communications platform that serves a wide range of applications.


ZENITEL Alphacom is an application that allows seamless integration of TETRA radio communications into the well-proven STENTOFON AlphaCom intercom system using radio or SIP interfacing - the ideal solution for complete communications coverage.

Ensuring communications are being received and monitored at all times is critical, especially in environments such as prisons and police stations. ZENITEL Alphacom uses the STENTOFON IP-ARIO interface to integrate TETRA radio communications into Alphacom intercom systems. 

This protects personnel and ensures rapid response.

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• Total Coverage. Supports group call and semi-duplex private calls from any intercom station to the TETRA system. Incoming calls are automatically diverted to one or more intercom stations and calling ID is provided on the receiving intercom station.

• Enables Call Back. Predefined Call Back request messages can be sent from the TETRA terminal which results in a CallBack message on the control room intercom station.

• Optional SIP Integration. Integration is also possible using a SIP interface between the AlphaCom and TETRA systems. Each radio is identified in the AlphaCom system including the configured SIP Trunk and calls to TETRA radios will automatically be directed over the SIP interface as full-duplex calls.

• Uses the STENTOFON IP-ARIO interface (audio, I/O and serial gateway) connected to a TETRA databox radio.

• Group call and semi-duplex private calls are supported from any intercom station to the TETRA system.

• Automatic divert of incoming calls to an intercom station.

• Calling ID on receiving intercom station.

• Predefined Call Back.

• Optional integration using a SIP interface.

• Supports all standard intercom features from a TETRA radio including private call, group call, broadcast call, group messages and busy override/notify.

The ZENITEL Alphacom works on TETRA networks and requires an Interface to a Motorola MTM5400 or MTM800

Enhanced databox using ETSI PEI and/or a SIP interface to Motorola Dimetra IP Micro or Dimetra IP Compact.

Radio Requirements of ZENITEL Alphacom – applicable for all TETRA radios.