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Mimer SoftRadio (TETRA)

IP network based control of two-way radios

Operating your two-way radio from your PC brings radio operation into the computer era. No more radios filling up desk space! No more expensive leased lines!


Mimer SoftRadio is a VoIP dispatch application that allows communication with radio users on different types of networks. It works over LAN, WAN and also over the Internet. The system can be connected to a standard mobile radio, for example an MTM5400. The functions programmed into that radio can be used from the operator position with the help of a virtual control head.

Being able to manage your radios from anywhere enhances operational efficiency. Mimer SoftRadio presents virtual control heads for TETRA radios as well as other types of two-way radio, giving the feeling of sitting in front of the radio.

The dispatcher can handle a number of Tetra radios as well as other radios, phones, intercoms etc from the same PC software and using the same audio accessories. Each radio can also be shared among many operators at the same time. The system makes a perfect solution for backup purposes since the radios can be remotely switched over to DMO or Repeater mode, and still be installed on high up positions with good coverage.

• Remote Control. Offers the ability to remotely control one or more TETRA radios from any PC; or control each radio from many PCs to build up control rooms. It feels like sitting in front of the radio.

• Simple Radio Interface. Easy to understand Graphical User Interface with a virtual control head providing the appearance of a radio screen.

• Flexible All-in-One Solution. Multiple types of radios and multiple locations can be integrated, making it easy to incorporate into existing systems.

• Graphical User Interface (GUI) looks and feels the same as a radio.

• Talkgroup calls, individual calls, textmessaging etc.

• Each operator can control one or many TETRA radios, and/or other radios, as a standard the software supports 8 or 30 radios, which can be expanded upon request.

• Each radio can be remote controlled by many operators.

• Proven technology with more than 1000 radios being controlled across 40+ countries.

• The system is not TETRA platform dependent.

• Desktop microphone provided.

• Works with standard PC audio accessories.

• Add-ons to the system includes cross patch between TETRA, analogue and DMR; phone connection; voice recording; status message logging; GPS based map system; and I/O control.

The operator PC is required to have Win7 or Win8 or WIN10. Requires an IP network connection and an audio card with microphone and speakers.

Supported on all platforms, including Dimetra IP Scalable, Dimetra IP Compact and Dimetra IP Micro. 
The system also runs in Direct Mode.