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Versatile and modular control Room solution

Kolibri can work with the operations and processes of any modern control room. With scalable off-the-shelf and highly customisable unctionalities, kolibri brings the strength of digital communications to even the smallest control rooms.


Kolibri is a scalable control room solution for dispatch, map-based tracking and telephony well suited to a variety of markets. Kolibri is a multi-radio platform solution and provides easy integration with telemetry, indoor positioning, video surveillance, incident management systems and other systems.

Kolibri connects to the radio network using an IP-wired interface or over the air using a pool of shared radios. The tracking functionality enables instant situational awareness thanks to a comprehensive geographical overview of the fleet with quick identification and tracking capabilities. Plus many other functions such as geo-fencing and remote control. Kolibri is a fully Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution which effectively manages radio connections and communications with the field through a multitude of call capabilities.

Kolibri is an off-the-shelf product, highly configurable to adapt to any customer situation or process. It is suitable for all sizes of installations that connect to a single radio network or a multitude of radio networks and when required, the system can be extended with extra functionalities and add-on modules.

• Enables communication with field staff through a multitude of call capabilities. Centralised or geographically dispersed control rooms are supported.

• The dispatch and tracking functionalities are fully integrated with each other, e.g. simply click on a radio icon shown on the map to initiate a group or private call.

• Full IP based solution: all voice, audio and signalling information is transported over an IP layer, enabling all IP advantages and Windows support capabilities.

• Also available as a wireless, a hybrid solution or a fully wired solution.

• Scalability: from single console to redundant multi-node WAN configuration.

• Any language can be supported. Currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese and Dutch.

• Enterprise logic and customisable GUI supports common radio protocols and overviews.

• Available add-ons and custom developments for multiple radio networks, network enhancements, redundancy options, connection of external systems.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO radio network with stand-alone or multiple repeaters.

IP Technology
Either IP line connection with radio network infrastructure, or radio connection.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional, IP Site Connect, Connect Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.

Other Requirements
Knowledge of Kolibri, IP Infrastructure, Windows OS.