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Kolibri Logging System

Logging voice & all operational Data – gps, ips

Kolibri logging system provides an efficient tool to log and replay voice and operational data (such as text messages, gps location and indoor position) for training, incident investigations or reporting Purposes.


Whether it is for supporting reporting, replay, training purposes or incident investigations, Kolibri is able to log all operational data and to replay all logged information in a user-efficient way.

Being part of the Kolibri Control Room Suite, Kolibri Logging System can either be deployed as a stand-alone module or as part of a complete Kolibri Control Room solution.

Kolibri Logging System enables any type of information to be logged: voice, all user activity, GPS position information and if an IPS is in place, all indoor positions. The application is radio network independent meaning it can be used in combination with a single radio network or to log information of several radio networks at the same time. The logging system also includes the KoliReplay module which provides an easy to use client to replay the logged voice and GPS data. All logged data is protected against modifications and the KoliReplay tool is password protected to prevent unauthorised use.

• Supports TETRA, DMR and Analogue radio networks.

• Fully IP based: the Kolibri Logging System and the KoliReplay application can be located anywhere.

• Logs all types of calls: group calls, private calls, Radio to Radio.

• Logs all operational data: text messages, radio location positions, indoor tracking (IPS).

• SIP support.

• External interface support.

• Reporting.

• Protection of data against unauthorised use.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO radio network with stand-alone or multiple repeaters.

IP Technology
Either IP line connection with radio network infrastructure, or radio connection.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Conventional, IP Site Connect, Connect Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.

Other Software

Other Requirements
Knowledge of Kolibri, IP Infrastructure, Windows OS.