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Telemetry & communication unit

COP921’s ability to send callout text messages in addition to TMS messages is ideal for sending alerts to a group of up to eight subscribers.


The COP921 is a telemetry and communication unit that allows up to eight radio users to automatically receive a text message. COP921 supports two types of text messages: TMS (Text Messaging System) which can be received by each MOTOTRBO device, and CallOut text messages which can be received by MOTOTRBO radio devices with a built-in Option Board DMR910.

The CallOut text message is displayed on the radio device until a key is pressed by the operator. Simultaneously, different tones with variable volume levels may be generated via the loudspeaker. The way of representing the CallOut text message is not programmed in the radio device but is encrypted in the CallOut text message (the way the message is represented is defined within the COP921). It is also possible to delete the CallOut text message from the radio device via the air interface, which is of value when, for example, a defect has been rectified before the radio subscriber has pressed a key. For instance, when a group of radio subscribers is alerted and one of the subscribers accepts the service order, the CallOut text message can be deleted from all other radio devices.

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Supported Languages

• USB interface to a MOTOTRBO DM4000 radio device.

• RS485 interface to Phoenix input modules (optional).

• Operating voltage from the radio device.

• Max. 8 Phoenix input modules can be connected.

• 64 digital inputs (+4 inputs at COP921).

• 4 outputs for status indication (operating status, CallOut active).

• Programmable CallOut Clear Command.

• Both TMS and CallOut text messages can be sent at the same time.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
MOTOTRBO DM4000 series radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
PC with USB-Port, MS Windows XP.
Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher.
COP9210 programming software.

USB interface to connect DMR radio device (DM4xxx).
RS485 to expansion Phoenix Contact Module.
Motorola programming cable (HKN 6184A or PMKN 4010A for mobile.
Radios, PMKN 4012A for portable radios.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Single Site, IP Site Connect. Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.

Other Requirements
Max. 8 Phoenix Input modules are connectable.
An option board (DMR910 or DMR915) developed by ATS Elektronik GmbH.