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Broadband Portable Infrastructure

Secure, on-demand broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime


Continuous access to the right information can mean the difference between a successful outcome or a disaster. The challenge you face is having the anywhere, anytime access to the real-time information you need to quickly make the best decisions.

From body worn, aerial and in-vehicle, to always on or easily carried and quickly set up; innovations from Motorola Solutions create a new ecosystem of secure LTE broadband portable infrastructure and deliver the coverage and capacity you need. Anywhere, anytime.

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  • LXN 505 LTE Ultra Portable Infrastructure

    Weighing just over 11 pounds and with activation timeframes of less than 5 minutes from power on, LXN 505 LTE Ultra Portable Infrastructure is our smallest, lightest and full power broadband network.

Add Capacity: Too many users and devices in one area can block access to the network. Quickly concentrate additional capacity where it’s needed most and overcome congestion.

Aerial Platforms: Altitude can make all the difference in coverage range and quality. From quickly launched drones to tethered balloons and more, aerial platforms give you the flexibility of temporary or even semi permanent coverage zones.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery: Ensure uninterrupted communications with the perfect combination of large to small solutions for immediate use where fixed infrastructure has failed or been damaged.

Extreme Mobility: Ranging from always on solutions such as in your vehicle, to quick and easy drop and go tactical cases and trailers, you have secure access to real-time information every step of the way.

Improve Coverage: Even the best designed networks can have problematic coverage areas due to geography, building construction and other factors. LTE Portable Infrastructure can help improve or completely eliminate your problem areas.

Secure Communications: Establish secure communication bubbles around teams, vehicles and structures to ensure private communications and information protection for events, SWAT operations, undercover investigations and command posts.


A new world of LTE portable infrastructure has you covered every minute of every day