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 L5F Fixed LPR Camera

See Farther. See Clearer. Scan More.

Introducing the L5F Fixed LPR Camera System

Our next-generation fixed licence plate recognition (LPR) solution provides improved image quality at longer focal distances so you can capture more LPR data than ever before.

L5F Under

See the details - even at night

Low light performance has long plagued licence plate recognition. With the L5F, rest assured you'll capture readable plates and detailed vehicle images on both the brightest days and darkest nights.

L5F Side

Expand the deployment possibilities

While your access to power and mounting infrastructure might be limited, the broad range of lens configurations provided by the L5F means you can deploy cameras that reach your target.

L5F Front

Confirm plates moving at speed

When vehicles don't abide by the posted speed limit you need a fixed LPR camera that doesn't either. The L5F captures pinpoint accurate images of licence plates on vehicles travelling up to 150 MPH.

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