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Motorola Solutions acquires Noggin, a global provider of critical event management software. Learn more

The future of smart radio is here

Introducing APX NEXT – the next-generation smart radio, built tough for public safety communications.

Motorola Solutions acquires Noggin, a global provider of critical event management software. Learn more

Meet ViQi, your AI virtual assistant

When you have questions, you need answers fast. It’s ViQi’s job to give you information quickly, so you stay safe and effective. Driver’s licence check? Just ask her. Need to change the channel? She’s on it. All while you stay eyes-up,
and focused on your mission.

Voice Control available now, Virtual Partner from 2021.


Ask ViQi to find back up

Where is Unit 347?
Unit 347 is at 500 West Monroe Street

Ask ViQi to change a channel

Change zone to LOCAL, channel to TAC ONE
Zone LOCAL, channel TAC ONE

Ask ViQi to check a driver's license

ID check New South Wales licence tango-8-3-7-4-6
New South Wales licence tango-8-3-7-4-6.
Is that correct?
Results found
Go ahead
Three outstanding warrants found

Discover all that ViQi has to offer

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APX NEXT: Engineered for focus

Your radio is your constant companion, your lifeline. Like you, it has to work, tirelessly, focused, without pause, distraction or doubt.

Military-grade design

It’s fully submersible with a protective alloy endoskeleton. The toughened glass touchscreen works with any gloves, in any weather.

Use it your way

We’ve kept the grippable ‘T’ shape and intuitive controls. But now you can also adjust settings with the touch screen or ViQi Voice Control.

Loud and clear

Our best audio ever with a high-power speaker, HDR mics, advanced background noise suppression and sophisticated automatic gain control.

Keep your eyes up

Use ViQi Voice Control to switch channel and zone, adjust the volume, change your audio profile and more, with the press of a single button.

Power to perform

APX NEXT keeps you in touch for up to 14 hours with the standard smart battery. Or go even further with the optional 18-hour extended battery.

Two hi-tech antennas

APX NEXT offers you the choice of a super-flexible all-band conventional antenna, or a short, practical single-band antenna.

Go beyond your LMR

APX NEXT automatically and securely switches to LTE and Wi-Fi wherever the signal is stronger, with no user or control centre intervention required.

Designed for effortless function

High-stress situations demand a low-stress radio. Operating APX NEXT is intuitive, with a logical layout, simple menus and large touch targets.

Featured APX NEXT Smart Radio Accessories

Expand and customise your radio’s functionality with a suite of accessories designed and optimised for APX NEXT.

Radically speed up device management

Engineered to give you back time. Reducing set-up, programming and management from months to minutes, anywhere, any time.

Managing 1000 radios - before and NEXT

Initial Programming

What once took 1 month now takes 10 minutes

Software & Security Updates

What once took 6 months now takes 10 minutes

Accelerated configuration

Configure your radios over the cloud. You can program as many radios as you want, anytime, anywhere, and even before you open the box.

Rapid, remote updates

Keep your radios in the field. Updates are immediate over LTE with zero touch and zero downtime.

Centralised management

Manage your radios from any location. Keep your technology up-to-date and your data secure with redundancy.

Discover the possibilities of APX NEXT

Discover the possibilities of APX NEXT


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