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Intelligence-Led Public Safety

Operationalise your data for faster decisions and safer outcomes.

ILPS Survey


The Intelligence-Led Public Safety Survey Examines Technology Needs and Challenges


Motorola’s Intelligence-Led Public Safety Solutions revolutionise how agencies operate for faster decision-making and safer outcomes. Data, systems and technologies are transformed into actionable intelligence for increased situational awareness and improved workflows throughout an agency’s operational lifecycle.

Technology becomes a force multiplier enhancing strategic planning through predictive analytics and enabling faster, safer responses through a common operating picture for real-time situational awareness and rapid response. Through advanced analytics, investigations and cases are processed faster applying data-driven decisions.

Whether it’s in a Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC), a command vehicle, or on a smartphone in the field, discover how Intelligence-Led Public Safety solutions bring more value to your data and increase operational efficiency to make the best decisions for the safety of your citizens and personnel. 

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CommandCentral Analytics

Integrate RMS and CAD data into a powerful, customizable dashboard with analytics, query, visualization, and information sharing.

CommandCentral Aware

Aggregate, correlate and analyze inputs from multiple sources to share relevant, actionable information with officers in the field.

CommandCentral Inform

Enhance decision making across your entire operation by consolidating real-time event data into one map-based view with CommandCentral Inform.

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