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Join the Developer Program


Ready to get started? Great! We will guide you through the steps to request a technology license and join our application developer program. To begin, you'll need to select an option below. Please choose the proper path for the technology of interest. After making a selection below, we will start the data collection process and begin to process your request.

Convergence Suite

The Evaluation license is a simple, click-through agreement, allowing partners to request access to Convergence Suite program materials, develop a product, and even test it on our sandbox. It is a fast way to get started but has the limitation of requiring a full license to be completed before a product using this technology can be demonstrated externally or sold. If you choose this option, please make sure you have legal authority in your organization to execute a click-through evaluation license agreement.

The Full license process requires a bit more data collection and will result in a license agreement that must be physically signed by an appropriate authority in your organization. However, it also allows products utilizing the licensed technology to be demonstrated and sold to customers. This process takes a bit more time but will inevitably be required before you can demonstrate or sell your product. If you’re eager to sell and market Convergence Suite-based solutions, please start the process here.

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Motorola Solutions LMR technologies include ASTRO® 25, DIMETRA™ and MOTOTRBO™. Request a license here to build an application solution for one of these technologies using our Application Developer Kit (ADK).

Not the license you are looking for? Please contact Motorola Solutions ADP Team via email at