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Law Enforcement

Helping small communities get online, giving rural communities the coverage they need, helping departments in urban settings with interoperability -- these are just a few of the funding opportunities available. Learn about some of the major funding programs that are currently seeking grantees and get help with developing your grant.

In the Spotlight

  • Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Executive Summary for FY17

    The Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program provides states and local units of government with critical funding necessary to support a range of programs including law enforcement and technology improvement programs. $257.4M available in 2017.

  • Operation Stonegarden Executive Summary for FY20

    Operation Stonegarden supports enhanced cooperation and coordination among local, tribal, territorial, state and federal law enforcement agencies to secure the US border. $90M available.

  • Emergency Management Performance Grant Executive Summary for FY20

    The Emergency Management Performance Grants provide grants to states to assist state, local, territorial, and tribal governments in preparing for all hazards, such as prevention, protection, mitigation, mitigation, response, and recovery mission areas. $350.1M available.

  • Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program Executive Summary for FY20

    The Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program supports the building, sustainment, and delivery of core capabilities to enable tribes to strengthen their capacity to prevent, respond to and recover from potential terrorist attacks and other hazards. $10M available.

  • Nonprofit Security Grant Program Executive Summary for FY20

    The Nonprofit Security Grant Program provides funding for physical security enhancements and other security-related activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack. $90M available.

  • Two Counties, One Solution

    A proactive partnership keeps a bi-county communications systems up and running with technology and grant assistance from Motorola.