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What are the benefits of Private LTE for utilities

We understand your systems demand interoperable, secure, & reliable comms. exceeding public networks.

Private LTE is a network running specifically for the benefit of a utility. The utility decides areas of coverage, how the network will perform, who has access and priority, a stark contrast of Public LTE. Private LTE connects your teams like never before.

What are the benefits of Private LTE for Utilities?

What does Private LTE offer utilities?

Utilities run unique applications that are different from typical consumer or general business users. These applications may be delay-sensitive, need broadband connectivity in remote locations and require a high level of security. Private LTE offers the customized coverage, data speeds, technical flexibility, signal prioritization, and security necessary for smarter utility applications. Because it’s a utility’s private network operating in a dedicated spectrum, it offers maximum control over its performance and cost, with no external users to cause congestion or surprise “data overage” charges. Private LTE is the most robust wireless solution with security built in for mission critical infrastructure.

How does Private LTE work with CBRS?

Motorola Solutions grew its enterprise broadband portfolio last year with the launch of Nitro, an end-to-end LTE solution for commercial customers. Nitro operates on the recently available 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum and delivers lightning-fast private broadband and premium voice communications.

Why Motorola Solutions and Private LTE?

In addition to being a long-standing provider of private narrowband communications equipment and radios to utilities, Motorola Solutions is a pioneer of LTE technology, whose experience in building and operating private, mission-critical LTE networks spans more than 20 years, to the founding days of LTE. Its patent portfolio and expertise in both LMR and LTE allows it to offer equipment with greater capacity and high-power performance. Its solution will include infrastructure, devices, software and service components to address the end-to-end needs of utility, oil, gas and other commercial customers. It will be offered in the flexible commercial terms that align with the market needs.

How can Private LTE improve critical infrastructure hurricane preparedness?

Past hurricanes have exposed flaws in public LTE networks, with widespread and lengthy interruptions to service impeding recovery efforts. Today’s utilities are addressing complex challenges that are compounded by the threat of natural disasters that are growing in intensity and frequency. Investing in reliable telecommunications infrastructure will help them to leverage actionable data to support the day-to-day demands for reliable, secure service delivery and to rise to the occasion when faced with the environmental challenges of hurricanes or other natural disasters.

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