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IMPRES Public Safety Remote Speaker Microphone (PMMN4041/PMMN4042/PMMN4043/PMMN4047/PMMN4048/PMMN4049)

The IMPRES Public Safety Microphones (PSM) is an innovatively designed, giving you better coverage and clearer communications than ever before.

In howling wind, driving rain and severe weather, Windporting helps you communicate effectively and hear clearly. Windporting technology eliminates the whining and howling sounds of wind blowing across your remote speaker microphone. It also prevents water from clogging the microphone which results in clearer transmissions. IMPRES technology provides superior audio by suppressing ambient noise, improving voice intelligibility and amplifying quiet transmissions.

The PSM features volume control, emergency and programmable buttons to give you easy access to critical radio features. The 3.5 mm audio jack allows you to connect a receive-only earpiece for private communication. Antenna is sold separately.

PMMN4041: 30-inch 3.5 mm audio jack
PMMN4042: 24-inch 3.5 mm audio jack
PMMN4043: 18-inch 3.5 mm audio jack
PMMN4047: 30-inch Submersible (IP57)
PMMN4048: 24-inch Submersible (IP57)
PMMN4049: 18-inch Submersible (IP57)

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