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Maximize The Value Of Your Investments With Smart Public Safety Solutions


The capabilities being demanded today don't have to incur the costs often-times associated with a new technology investment. ASTRO 25 has evolved into a software-defined platform that converges voice and data information into one. The result is a flexible IP solution that maintains P25 compliance and offers new capabilities made possible with the easy addition of Smart Public Safety Solutions.

Connect In Ways Beyond Voice

Silent, reliable and an efficient use of system resources, text messaging is ideal when sensitive information needs to be shared. Send and receive private or group text messages between dispatch, radios, PCs and smartphones. Text critical details that can be easily referenced from applications such as PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and CommandCentral Aware, such as an apartment number, street address or suspect name and description. In conjunction with PremierOne Records, field personnel can query databases including two-factor CJIS Federal databases to look up drivers licenses, case numbers and other critical information. Even receive Be-on-the-Lookout (BOLO) alerts, all made possible with ASTRO 25 and Smart Public Safety Solutions.

Mobilize A Faster Response

Combining GPS information from radios on your ASTRO 25 network with your PremierOne CAD system allows you to take advantage of location to mobilze a faster response to an incident. PremierOne CAD not only recognizes the closest resources to an incident but also accounts for their current status and availability to respond. Voice and messaging communications can also be directly integrated into PremierOne CAD to ensure dispatchers are able to immediately communicate with responders seamlessly. This combination of voice and data used by dispatch operations ensures the quickest, most prepared response leading to safer incident resolution.

Increase Situational Awareness

An all-encompassing view of operations can mean that potential incidents are handled quicker or are avoided altogether. By integrating radio GPS along with status information into the CommandCentral platform, command center personnel can better account for the safety of those in the field. That radio data can then be contextualized with information from a variety of other sources such as video, Internet of Things (IoT) or open-source data feeds that help operational support or command staff provide the right information to the right people at the right time. CommandCentral Aware, our real-time intelligence console, can also be integrated with your ASTRO 25 network for direct voice and data communications to the field, ensuring immediacy of information sharing. 

Extract Data From Your Investments
With Intelligent Middleware

The Intelligent Middleware enables you to successfully use the data flowing through your networks. It includes services to centralize management of groups and location, services to centralize messaging, and identity management services -- all of which can be leveraged through Smart Public Safety Solutions.