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Prince George's County 9-1-1 enables seamless collaboration

Prince George's County 9-1-1: Enables Seamless Collaboration

In times of danger or distress, people who call 9-1-1 in an emergency will most likely hear a calmed, trained voice on the other end of the line willing to help dispatch the right resources as quickly as possible.

The elite telecommunicators working in Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications office provide support, comfort and potentially lifesaving help to citizens in distress. At the same time, they initiate a process to assess the situation, determine the appropriate public-safety response and take the first steps in documenting the entire response from 9-1-1 call to resolution.

Customer Profile

Prince George's County, Maryland

The communications center at Prince George's County answers all 9-1-1 calls supporting police, fire, EMS, the Sheriff’s Office and 23 municipal jurisdictions.

  • Serves more than 900,000 people
  • Receives 1.8 million calls a year


Executive Summary

The Challenge

The County’s radio communications were the weak point in interagency communications, leading some to call the county the “donut hole” in communications. Its communications infrastructure was based on a technology that was incompatible with those of its partners and the surrounding counties.

The Solution

A radio communications needs assessment conducted by Motorola Solutions determined that the 9-1-1 and dispatch centers be expanded and security be upgraded to ensure a streamlined flow of information across agencies.

The Benefits

With the updated ASTRO® 25 Radio system, Prince George’s County benefits from advanced communications and automated information tracking. A common platform assures that consistent and uniform information can be easily shared inside and outside of Prince George’s County

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