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ASTRO® 25 Security

ASTRO 25 Security

What If you could

Protect your mission critical radio systems with pro-active security threat detection, real-time correction and response?

Secure your communication system and the information it carries.

Protect your voice and data communications with proactive threat detection, real-time response and correction. With access to greater information, interconnecting voice and data systems brings the advantages of improved productivity and increased collaboration; and an increased risk from cyber-criminals looking to do harm to your organization. ASTRO®  25 security is designed to counter security threats associated with mission critical communications.

Prevent and Detect
Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network and easily access all login data from a centralized location to quickly diagnose system issues.

Secure Interoperability
Maintain secure interoperable communications with other agencies through multiple encryption keys and algorithms.

Radio Authentication
Save time and increase security by tracking and controlling users within the network.

Offers 256 bit encryption and is Federal Information Processing Standard certified offering a more robust form of digital encryption.

Secure Dispatch Interoperability  
Ensure interoperable dispatch communications through efficient over the ethernet key management. 

Secure System Interoperabilty 
Ensure system wide interoperability with over the air rekeying, encrypted voice, and data.

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