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Introducing APX NEXT™

A new smart radio for public safety communications.
To protect your greatest resource:
Your focus.

Meet ViQi®, your AI virtual assistant

When you have questions, you need answers fast. It’s ViQi’s job to give you information quickly, so you stay safe and effective. Driver’s license check? Just ask her. Need to change the channel? She’s on it. All while you stay eyes-up,
and focused on your mission.


Ask ViQi to check a license plate

Run a plate - New York 9-1-2-7-bravo-charlie-whiskey
New York license plate 9-1-2-7-bravo-charlie-whiskey.
Is that correct?
Results available
Go ahead
Vehicle has been reported stolen.

Ask ViQi to change a channel

Change zone to LOCAL, channel to TAC ONE
Zone LOCAL, channel TAC ONE

Ask ViQi to check a driver's license

Run Virginia driver’s license tango-8-3-7-4-6-3-5-2
Virginia license tango-8-3-7-4-6-3-5-2.
Is that correct?
Results available
Go ahead
Warrant issued for arrest

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APX NEXT: Engineered for focus

Your radio is your constant companion, your lifeline. Like you, it has to work, tirelessly, focused, without pause, distraction or doubt.

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Any glove, any weather

Built for public safety communications, this is no ordinary touchscreen. It can be used with any gloves, shrugs off dust and dirt, is water resistant, and visible in all lighting conditions.

Maintain your lifeline with SmartConnect

SmartConnect strengthens your voice communications by automatically switching your calls between P25 and broadband. You can concentrate on your mission,
not your coverage.
Stay connected. Stay safe.


SmartConnect has you covered Learn more | See all apps

Seamless connectivity

You need mission-critical voice. That’s why you rely on P25 radios. When SmartConnect switches over, it simply routes your P25 channel over broadband. All your connections, talkgroups and security stay exactly the same.

Automatic switching

SmartConnect automatically switches between P25 and broadband within seconds. You don’t have to touch your radio. You won’t even notice the change. All you’ll see is a new icon on
the screen.

Effortless management

Security can never be compromised, and consistent configuration and management are essential. With SmartConnect, everything works seamlessly within your radio system.

Easy ownership experience

We’ve engineered APX NEXT to give you back time. Reducing set-up, programming and management tasks from months to minutes, anywhere, any time.


Managing 1000 radios - before and NEXT

Initial Programming

What once took 1 month
now takes 10 minutes

Software & Security Updates

What once took 6 months
now takes 10 minutes

Accelerated configuration

Easy configuration over the cloud for programming as many radios as you want, anytime, anywhere, and even before you open the box.

Rapid updates

Radios stay in the field and updates are immediate with a push of a button, when you want them.

Centralized management

Manage your radios from any location. Keep your technology up-to-date, and your data secure with redundancy.

Radically speed up device

RadioCentral delivers a cloud programming platform to dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to provision and update your radio fleet.

Discover RadioCentral

Keep radios in the field with SmartProgramming

Your radio is your lifeline. SmartProgramming enables you to update your APX NEXT radios with zero touch and zero downtime over LTE.

Discover SmartProgramming

Make sure your team is never alone,
with SmartLocate.

SmartLocate delivers high-speed location-tracking over public safety LTE, for fast, accurate resource deployment. Carefully integrated into CommandCentral Aware, SmartLocate ensures you always have a complete, up-to-date picture of the situation.


SmartLocate keeps track Learn more | See all apps

Fast and accurate

SmartLocate keeps you up-to-date, with accurate location updates every few seconds - supplemented with indoor positioning data.

Scalable and efficient

There’s no need to provision P25 data channels for SmartLocate, so you can track as many units as you need, without impacting your radio system.

Simple and intuitive

SmartLocate works in the background, with no need for user interaction. It’s fully integrated into CommandCentral Aware, so you always have a complete picture of the situation at a glance.

city night

In public safety, focus is your greatest resource.
APX NEXT protects your focus.

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APX NEXT: a pivotal advancement to the public safety lifeline.

Featured APX NEXT Smart Radio Accessories

Expand and customize your radio’s functionality with a suite of accessories designed and optimized for APX NEXT so you can focus forward.

View all compatible APX NEXT accessories

The future turns on a moment

We believe that moment is everything - and we don’t want you to miss it. That’s why we invent technology to help you identify every opportunity.

APX NEXT Innovation

We innovate for those who make
the biggest difference

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We design to empower collaboration
and inform decision making

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We put more meaning into the
world to make it safer

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