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CBRS is 150 MHz of spectrum – ranging from 3550 – 3700 MHz – in the 3.5 GHz band. Used sparingly by the U.S government and other entities, this band was identified by the FCC as additional spectrum for shared wireless private broadband.

CBRS: Citizens Broadband Radio Service key facts

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When did CBRS become available?

In 2015, the U.S. FCC approved the use of Band 48 – also known as CBRS for shared wireless access. Thus enabling private LTE broadband for commercial enterprises and improving coverage and capacity.

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How does the CBRS Alliance work?

The CBRS Alliance is a group of more than 120 member companies who are dedicated to promoting LTE-based technology – branded as “OnGo” – as well as use cases and business opportunities.

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Is CBRS cost effective?

Deploying a robust voice and data network like CBRS is not a large capital investment. It's provided as a service, so you’ll pay a predictable monthly fee instead of an upfront capital expense.

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What is CBRS?

Why is CBRS significant?

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How does CBRS work?

CBRS is designed with a three-tiered spectrum sharing framework. At the top is the Incumbent Access tier followed by a Priority Access tier. The final tier is General Authorized Access, covering the remainder of the spectrum available for general use.


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How does CBRS compare to WiFi?

CBRS overcomes the limitations of WiFi and provides a more efficient option for large commercial enterprises. WiFi coverage and capacity can be limited. CBRS gives commercial enterprises two-times the capacity and up to four-times the range of WiFi.


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What are some facts about CBRS?

  • CBRS will support 5G technology
  • Spectrum access will be open and easy
  • Three tiers of spectrum will ensure CBRS access
  • Designated spectrum will safeguard open access


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How can I invest in CBRS today?

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California schools bridge digital divide with CBRS

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Patterson Joint Unified School District installs 10 new broadband towers to get internet to their students

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