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Vigilant FaceSearch

Quickly shorten your suspect list with identity matching and verification.


CommandCentral Aware

Respond confidently with a unified view to real-time voice, video and data.


Avigilon Control Center

Focus on what matters with AI-powered video management and analytics.


Pinpoint persons of interest faster.

Identifying a person of interest can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with lives on the line. Vigilant FaceAlert is a real-time facial recognition solution that analyzes over 350 facial vectors to accurately detect faces so you can quickly respond to threats and find at-large suspects sooner - all by leveraging the existing systems you already have in place.

Focused on outcomes that matter.

Proactively recognize & respond

The faster you can react to a threat, the less chance of people being placed in harm’s way. Vigilant FaceAlert accurately detects watchlisted faces in near real-time and alerts you based on your preferences. It works seamlessly with Vigilant FaceSearch for watchlist management so that adding and removing faces is quick and easy.


Tested and verified algorithm accuracy


Configurable real-time alerting

Clipboard with checklist and lock for watchlist management

Convenient watchlist management

Find & identify suspects faster

The longer a suspect is on the run, the more communities worry. Vigilant FaceAlert allows you to query a location by time and date, to easily identify a potential criminal suspect. Send the face to Vigilant FaceSearch to look for a possible suspect match and then add the face to your watchlist so your team can be alerted the next time they are seen.

Image of person in callout box

Location-based visual lineup search

Blank page

Law enforcement-ready reporting

Magnifying glass to represent image lookup

Vigilant FaceSearch image lookup

Adopt facial recognition with ease

We know that with a new system, comes more complexity - especially with facial recognition. That’s why Vigilant FaceAlert is designed to work securely with existing camera networks, other systems for triggering alerts as well as Vigilant FaceSearch. We also train users on proper use, while keeping them up to date on policy and laws.

Laptop with camera

Broad camera compatibility

Three circles connected

3rd party system integration

Paper with ribbon

Free, expert training sessions


Product information

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Security information

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