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Real-Time Intelligence Operations

“I provide eyes and ears for responders arriving on scene.”

Real-time intelligence software solutions strengthen your agency’s operations to reveal key information in moments that matter. Deliver intelligence through alerts, record queries, unified operational views, unit location tracking and geospatial information.

Deliver actionable intelligence to the field

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Information without context is useless. Real-time alerts focus your attention on the information that matters most.

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Record database query capabilities

Access records including state and national databases, license plate records and suspect and offender information for better operational intelligence.

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Bring data together to make connections that would otherwise be impossible. Unifying information from disparate data sources enhances your operating picture.

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Officer and unit
location tracking

See the location of resources and units in real time such as radios, cameras and vehicles with device location tracking.

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Use geospatial information such as points of interest, zones, thermal imaging, weather, traffic and more for additional context to the location of an incident.

Real-time intelligence software solutions

Real-time intelligence software maximizes existing investments like GIS mapping, video, LPR, drone and more together, enabling you to deliver actionable insights to the field.

CommandCentral Aware

Unify real-time data and video streams into a secure common operational view, automating analysis to surface critical insights quicker.

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CAPE Drone Software

Rapidly deploy drones on scene and stream real-time, high-quality video. With complete aerial visibility, responders can make faster, more informed decisions to improve outcomes.

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Vigilant VehicleManager

Receive real-time alerts from license plate detections to improve situational awareness, then search and analyze for investigative insight - turning license plates into leads.

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Video Security & Access Control

Find, analyze and share video and access information so you can respond to events with speed and decisiveness to keep your people and property safe.

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RTCC Software for Video Management

A major city manages as many as 32,000 video feeds. Are you ready?

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