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New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.6.3

We're excited to announce the availability of new PremierOne Mobile features in Release 4.6.3! To upgrade your system, please reach out to your tier three support manager.

Mobile Map Tracking of Units in Emergency

When a fellow officer needs help, PremierOne Mobile users want accurate information location to quickly intercept and assist. Users can now track emergency status units in real time on the mobile map.

When a unit calls for help with the Emergency feature, Mobile users receive a notification with a “Track It” option. Selecting the “Track It” option focuses the Mobile Map on the unit that has called an emergency, and follows its location so other officers can converge and provide help.


Enhanced Windows Location Services Support

PremierOne Mobile now supports a simple configuration for sensor-based GPS devices to use Windows Location Services for location information. The GPS status indicator can also reflect the status of Windows Location Services, including when Location Services are disabled.

System Administrators can now select Location Services in addition to Serial or Ethernet options for location data. Location Services available modes include “Satellite Only”, “Satellite or WiFi” and “Any”.

GPS Precision Improvements

GPS positioning relies on data from multiple satellites in geosynchronous orbit around the earth. Shifts in the number of visible satellites and their associated data can result in “stationary position drift”, where the GPS location of a still object changes slightly, as if it was moving.

Administrators can now minimize stationary position drift by defining the number of satellites that must be visible to consider the GPS data valid. Also, admins can now specify a minimum perceived MPH value (e.g. 1 MPH) below which the vehicle should be considered stationary.

New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.6.2

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.6.2! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

Create Road Closures in Mobile Map

You can now create, view, and delete road closures in the Mobile Map. The effective dates can also be customized and multiple barriers can be added to ensure all needed segments are closed.


Create Geofences in Mobile Map

Geofences can now be created in the Mobile Map to send notification alerts when mobile units enter or exit the outline of the geographical area that has special significance. These geofences can be defined to appear in different colors and shapes The geofences can also be edited or deleted in the Mobile Map.

New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.6

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.6! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

PremierOne Mobile Windows Client - Display Name of Crew Members

Crew Member Last Name and First Initial are now displayed in the Additional Crew section of the Unit Details. The Name is now displayed in a new column inside the additional crew group box on the Unit Info Detail screen. The Last name followed by a comma, then the first initial character of the First Name is shown (e.g. "Brad, D”).




PremierOne Mobile Windows Client - Road Closures

Get to the scene faster. Now you can see road closures on the Mobile Map and routes will automatically avoid active closures to expedite response.



PremierOne Mobile Windows Client - Smart Status Ready

Updating your status just got easier. The next logical status code is now displayed as a single touch icon in the upper right corner of the map to streamline updates. Upon clicking the button, the Unit Status will be changed in the Mobile Client and reflected back into the CAD server. If any popup messages have been provisioned for the next logical status code on Mobile Map, the popup message will appear on the Mobile Client.



PremierOne Mobile Windows Client - Action Bar Updates

Simplify navigation with new labels on the action bar. Two distinct map options allow you to choose the Classic Map or Mobile Map. Both maps center and zoom on the selected location.



Hyperlinks in Incident Comments

Hyperlinks & URL support has been added within Incident Comments and can be displayed on the dashboard summary view or in incident detail comments.



Deployment and Configuration

Property files are enabled to direct settings in one action. Remote configuration is also available.

Cloud Enabled

PremierOne Mobile can now securely communicate with cloud servers to serve an On-Premise, Cloud or DRaaS solution.

Enhanced Security

Further security protections are in place to ensure your solution stays secure. Agencies can apply their own Customer-specific SSL certificates to the PremierOne server.

Brand Refresh

The iOS and Android clients for PremierOne are no longer under the ‘Handheld’ product name.

The PremierOne Mobile offer now includes:

  • PremierOne Mobile Android
  • PremierOne Mobile iOS
  • PremierOne Mobile Windows
New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.5.3

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.5.3! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

Customer-Specific Certificates 

For improved communication security, agencies are encouraged to apply their own SSL certificates for PremierOne. An SSL certificate can be purchased by each agency from a third-party Certificate Authority (CA) and must be renewed prior to the certificate’s expiration.

If the SSL Certificate is issued by a commercial certificate authority, then certificates on the client devices are not needed. However, if an agency prefers to issue their own SSL certificates, then an Intermediate and a Root certificate must also be installed on each Client device, so that the Chain of Trust validation can take place.

To configure an SSL certificate on the PremierOne Server, contact your Motorola Solutions Support Representative. 

Geofence Message Group Prompt

Get to the scene faster. Now you can see road closures on the Mobile Map and routes will automatically avoid active closures to expedite response.




PremierOne Mobile Windows Client - Smart Status Ready

This feature adds the Prompt on Entry check box for message groups to the geofence pop-up dialog box. When entering or exiting a geofence, a Geofence Alert dialog box displays. The user can then optionally join or leave the associated message group by selecting the check box and selecting OK.



Geofence Pop-up for New Mobile Map Only

If the Mobile Map is installed, the user now only sees the geofence notifications from the new Mobile Map. Previously, there were duplicate geofence notifications coming from both the Mobile Map and the Classic Map and the user would have to acknowledge alerts for both maps on entry and exit of a geofence.

Previous Incidents on New Mobile Map

The Previous Incident icon has been activated on the new Mobile Map to quickly navigate to information from previous incidents. This icon is associated with the active incident. When assigned to an incident, selecting this icon immediately changes focus from the map to the PremierOne Mobile Previous Incident tab of your active incident.



Modifying Circumstances on New Mobile Map

When assigned to an incident, this feature displays the Modifying Circumstances (in parentheses) in addition to the Incident Type in the bottom left of the new Mobile map.




Road Closures on New Mobile Map

This feature makes road closures visible on the new Mobile Map. The road closures are routed around when calculating drive directions.



Android Client Settings Management 

Improved client configuration experience by displaying the value for each field within the Android Client Settings. This feature saves steps when confirming existing settings which previously were visible by opening each field individually. The Android and iOS Clients now have similar settings behavior.


New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.5.2

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.5.2! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

Unit Assignment Management 

Manage Unit Assignments from the Field without logging off of the Mobile Client. This saves time and reduces the need to engage dispatchers to update a unit assignment. Mobile users are now able to change User ID, Unit ID, Vehicle, Role, Radio and Crew Members through the new Manage Assignments feature.

On the Status bar, select the “Logged In" dropdown button. A list of menu options displays.





Select “Manage Assignments”. The Login window appears, with the appropriate fields for your selection enabled.




Type the new information, and then select the “Submit” button at the bottom of the window, and you will be logged in using the updated login information.

PremierOne Mobile Map: Support for Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks to documents, such as floor plans or preplans, and URLs are available on the PremierOne Mobile Map (the PremierOne Mobile Map will be referred to as the Mobile Map moving forward and is the map output based on Universal Mapping principles).

An attribute named hyperlink can be added to any map layer. If such layers exist in the map, the Hyperlink tool can be used to display the locations of those features that have a non-empty value in the hyperlink Attribute. When the hyperlink is clicked, the hyperlink value is displayed and subsequently clicked to open. 

A hyperlink value can be either an Internet URL or a fully-qualified file path (for example: C:\HyperlinkDocuments\123MainSt_FloorPlan.pdf) to a file on disk. URL hyperlinks are easier to manage, as file-based hyperlink documents must be deployed to all Mobile clients.



PremierOne Mobile Map: Support for Multiple Maps

If a Mobile Map Package contains multiple maps, the PremierOne Mobile Map lists them separately in the Maps pane and allows any map in the package to be activated.

PremierOne Mobile Map: Display custom Geofence Notification

The geofence pop-up will display the notification message provided at geofence creation.

PremierOne Mobile Map: Now Displays Apt, Bldg and Floor

Apartment Number, Building, and Floor designations will be shown along with the Incident Location.


New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.5.1

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.5.1! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

Prioritized Query Response Sorting

A single search often returns many responses that have been displayed in the order of which the response is received at the Mobile Client. Navigating to the specific response of interest can take multiple steps and the officer’s attention off of the road or off of the subject at hand. There are one or two key responses that officers view to determine the response and the need to review additional information. Displaying the key responses at the top of the query returns allows quick access, reduces searching, and eliminates scrolling which ultimately leads to ease of use, quicker decision making and improved safety.

Administrators can configure a priority order for the display of query responses within the CSQueryConfiguration XML file on the System Management Tool Portal by applying a priority of 1 - 9. The priority controls the sort order of responses displayed on both the CAD and Mobile clients. Priority 0 (zero) is reserved for Hot Hits allowing the hot hit responses to always display at the top of the query returns.

The screenshot below shows the CSQuery-Query XML Configuration.




The screenshot below shows an example of  priority 1 settings for NCIC-Missing Person and NCIC Stolen Vehicle with DMV Drivers License as priority 2.



Incident Command Auto & Manual Scroll

Comments are frequently added to Incidents. Long-running and major Incidents may have many comments. The focus/position of the comment box has traditionally moved to the most recent comment. If you are reading through comments and scrolling through the comment history, you may not want the screen focus to automatically adjust as a new comment arrives. A toggle has been added allowing the User to select manual focus or auto focus. When in the manual focus mode, the scroll position will not move when new comments arrive.



Universal Map Capture Geofence Entry and Exit Data

This new feature enables tracking of who has entered a geofenced area and confirmation that Units received the related geofence notifications, information that was previously found by analysis of ARL history for each unit. This historical log of units that have entered and exited geofenced area can be used for research and reporting on information such as who entered, time and location of entry and exit, or geofence notification receipt acknowledgement. There are many uses for this information, such as knowing who has entered a toxic chemical contamination site, or possible interferes with an undercover operation.

The following information is now captured upon entry and exit of a geofence:

  • Officer/User ID
  • Action: Entry, Exit, Acknowledgement of Notifications
  • Latitude/Longitude of entry or exit
  • Timestamp

This information is logged in Unit History and if the Unit is active on an Incident it is also logged in the Incident History. The information is stored in RDW with the associated Unit or Incident history.

This feature is only available with the Universal Map. When GPS equipped Mobile Units are logged into PremierOne Mobile, entry and exit timestamps are recorded along with Unit Id, User Id, Lat, Lon, Geofence name, and activity description such as Entry Ack, Entry, Exit, Exit Ack.

The notification acknowledgement is recorded when the User selects an action on the notification pop-up dialog box. The recorded information is stored in Unit History and Incident History in the event that the Unit is on an Incident at the time of entry/exit.



Geofences created by CAD or Mobile are now visible on the Universal Map including the pop-up notification on entry and exit.


Perceived Demographics 

Accusations of demographic bias and new laws are requiring police to capture and track the perceived race and ethnicity of subjects prior to performing a vehicle stop. Within the Person Tab of an Incident, Officers can now record the ethnicity along with other demographics.

When an officer initiates a subject stop or traffic stop, they can document the perceived ethnicity along with other demographics on the Person tab within the CAD Incident. The Ethnicity field includes dropdown options corresponding to the Race field. The Ethnicity values are configured List and Statute Management section of provisioning within the new Ethnicity Table.

New LSM Table for Ethnicity allows you to enter Ethnicity Codes associated with a Race



IM Person Tab



Often when an officer is doing a traffic stop, they might be radioing into dispatch instead of using their in-vehicule computer for officer safety reasons. We’ve added the same information into the dispatch screen so that the dispatcher can enter this information on behalf of the officer as well.

New in PremierOne Mobile - Release 4.5

We're excited to announce the availability of PremierOne 4.5! To upgrade your system reach out to your tier three support manager.

Universal Map Integration

We’ve designed a new Mobile Map to provide you with an enhanced user experience. This new map has a more smartphone-like look and feel, where your location remains stationary, and the map continues to move in the background. Additionally, the new map renders more smoothly and enables gestures like dragging to pan and pinch and expand to zoom in and out with a smooth transition.

The Universal Map also includes a responding units monitor enabling you to see other units, locations and status of those units. This monitor displays on the map and can be moved to the position of your choice. The new map is available in addition to the traditional map. You may continue to use the current map and gradually migrate to the new map over the next few quarters as you gain comfort with the new platform.



Key Status Times Display on Incidents

When writing incident reports, there are several key times that are needed. This information is available in the Incident history, but the format of the incident history makes it difficult to quickly find the needed timestamps. In order to aid in report writing, and to reduce the need to call dispatch to obtain dispatched, enroute, and on scene times for Incidents, we’ve added a new Status Times monitor for Incidents. This is available through a tab on the left side of the Incident page. The tab can be provisioned to be visible or not.

In Provisioning agencies can select the desired Incident related status codes to track. You may also choose to show the duration of time units spend in each status. Additionally, through the UI Customization for Navigation of Incidents, agencies can select where to display the “key status times” within the Incident tabs.

The provisioned information displays in an Incident-specific status monitor format a list of responding units along with their unit status times and durations. Results can be filtered to show individual units or all units through the Filter By drop-down. The information and can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers so you may quickly sort by first arrived or last to leave the scene.



Unique Audible Alerts for Hot Hits

You can now configure a unique audible alert for hot hit query responses that differs from, and sparks more attention than, the alert played for other query responses. The audible alert provides instant notification to an officer of the hot hit, even if the officer is not viewing the Mobile client. This feature is also available in PremierOne CAD.

In Provisioning–Messaging–Message Types in both Mobile Settings and CAD Settings, new fields for configuring audible alerts were added for the Query message type. This allows the administrator to configure a different sound to be played for hot hit responses than for standard query responses. They have the ability to configure a unique WAV file for Hot Hits and this can be used independently of other query alert. There is also the option to turn off regular query alerts and only have Hot Hit alerts.