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We're excited to review the work that was done this past quarter to improve your digital evidence management experience. For any questions, reach out to customer success.

New Digital Evidence Management User Experience

We are excited to announce our new digital evidence management user interface, CommandCentral Evidence. The goal of this enhancement is to provide you with all the tools you need to capture, collect, store, manage and share digital evidence and build a more complete case. As a CommandCentral Vault user, you will have access to the improved user interface and several additional capabilities for free!

What do I need to know about this enhancement?

  • The new user experience and additional capabilities will not change your existing CommandCentral Vault pricing, storage or licensing agreement. You do not have to sign any additional contracts to receive access to CommandCentral Evidence.
  • Your existing and future CommandCentral Vault data will automatically be transferred to CommandCentral Evidence. There’s no action item on your part.
  • You will continue to have access to and use of CommandCentral Vault.
  • If you are a PremierOne Records or Spillman Flex Records user, CommandCentral Evidence still integrates with your on-premises system.

What additional functionality will I be getting?

  • Our new and improved digital evidence management user experience (CommandCentral Evidence)
  • Community engagement capabilities (CommandCentral Community)
  • Cloud-based records management integration (CommandCentral Records)
  • Enhanced sharing capabilities to enable quick, secure case package sharing within your agency, with other agencies, with the community, and a new dedicated sharing experience for prosecutors. (Judicial Sharing)

Over the next few weeks, the CommandCentral Evidence, Community and Records applications will be added to the app switcher menu alongside CommandCentral Vault. You will receive a Welcome Email from the CommandCentral team when these applications are live for your agency.

If you want access to CommandCentral Evidence sooner, contact your customer success representative and they can help prioritize your agency on the list for this functionality. Learn more about CommandCentral Evidence at


We're excited to review the work that was done this past quarter to improve your CommandCentral Vault experience. For any questions, reach out to customer success.

Watermark Overlay

Protect the playback of media content, discourage recordings of media content on the screen, and identify unauthorized sharing of digital evidence with a persistent, user-specific watermark overlay.

System owners and administrators now have the ability to protect the playback of media content (video and pictures) by displaying persistent watermark overlay. This watermark identifies the specific user, session and date the content was accessed. The overlay composition and location on the screen is configurable from a predefined set.

The watermark overlay will discourage officers from recording video off the CommandCentral Vault screen and deter content from being shared externally without the permission of an authorized user.

If a video or image is recorded on the CommandCentral Vault screen during playback and found outside of CommandCentral Vault (ex: YouTube, social media, public media, etc.), administrators can determine which user was responsible and take appropriate disciplinary action on the user.

The watermark overlay is not embedded directly in binary data of the content. It will not be included when media is exported or downloaded, and it can be enabled or disabled by the administrator for the entire agency.

High Resolution Video Snapshots

Enable officers to be on the lookout for a suspect, vehicle, object, etc. in video evidence with the ability to download and share a high resolution video frame.

Pause on a good frame of video evidence that clearly shows an important detail (i.e. person, vehicle, object, etc.) and take a snapshot. The high resolution snapshot can then be downloaded and distributed on social media or in email to other officers. When a snapshot is created, a “snapshot downloaded” audit entry is created. This audit entry includes the timecode of the snapshot in the details.

To allow users to take snapshots, create a new permission called “Download Snapshot” that will control which users have access to this feature. Once a user has permission, the snapshot button will show up in the CommandCentral Vault UI. All users with the current “Download” permission automatically get the related “Download Snapshot” permission.

Multi-File Evidence Structure Preservation

Maintain the integrity of the original evidence folder structure when you upload massive multi-file assets from physical media, such as DVDs, USBs and cellphones.

When an officer receives physical media, uploading the evidence to the case makes it easier to view the evidence without having to go to the physical evidence room. But for multi-file digital evidence uploaded from physical media, the folder structure is just as important as the evidence itself. In fact, it is viewed as part of the evidence! Within CommandCentral Vault, the file structure is preserved and the system recognizes the files as one piece of evidence.

This feature helps your agency save on desktop storage, since it avoids uploading and downloading evidence as large zip files. Detectives can download the logical structure of the files so they can reconstruct the original files/folders to bring to court and to enable the proprietary player to playback the files. If you only want to download a sub-folder from the multi-file asset, you can get just the few files you need without waiting for the entire asset (i.e. folder structure) to download.

Reporting on Body Camera Usage and Storage Needs

Over the next several months, CommandCentral Vault will have reports to view body camera usage by device, officer, and storage usage to estimate future storage needs. If you want access to these reports immediately, contact your customer success representative and they can get you on the list for this functionality sooner.

Connect Your Video Policing System to CommandCentral Vault

Are you able to view the evidence from your body cameras and in-car cameras in CommandCentral Vault? Contact your sales representative to learn more about integrating your video policing program with your Digital Evidence Management software to view, manage and share this evidence alongside all other case-related media.


We're excited to review the work that was done this past quarter to improve your CommandCentral Vault experience. For any questions, reach out to customer success.

CommandCentral Vault + Watchguard Evidence Library Connector 

With Motorola Solutions' recent acquisition of Watchguard, the media captured by Watchguard devices and stored in Evidence Library can now be managed in CommandCentral Vault through the CommandCentral Connector. If your agency is currently exploring in-car or body camera video options, the connector offers a seamless way to integrate your Watchguard device footage with your existing CommandCentral Vault system.

The connector digitally pushes the media collected from WatchGuard devices into your agency’s existing CommandCentral Vault system, where you can then take advantage of CommandCentral Vault functionality for true, end-to-end digital evidence management. There is no need to download/upload the footage into CommandCentral Vault, and the chain of custody is preserved. Evidence Library can still be leveraged to manage your officers’ devices.

The connector is free for any agency that has Watchguard devices and Evidence Library, as well as an active CommandCentral Vault subscription.

All Evidence Library media pushed to CommandCentral Vault will include the following Evidence Library metadata as tags:

  • Event ID
  • Vehicle/device name
  • Officer name
  • Event category
  • Incident number
  • Secondary tags
  • Evidence Library URL for the specific recording event
  • Learn more about Evidence Library at


For example, unnamed.jpg is flagged as a particularly important file.



Text: We're excited to review the work that was done this past quarter to improve your CommandCentral Vault experience. For any questions, reach out to customer success.

Device File Upload From Capture App

In addition to taking videos and pictures directly in the Capture App, there is now an option to upload any file directly from your Android or iOS device.

Select the plus button to choose files and upload them directly into CommandCentral Vault. Any files you can get onto your device can be uploaded to the App, and from there to CommandCentral Vault. 

Like all digital evidence in CommandCentral Vault, this content can also be automatically tagged with the appropriate incident number and type based on time, date and location or officer.


Audit Log Improvements

The audit log is now presented in the local date and timezone (DST adjusted). You can also now more easily access audit logs associated with a file from the Consolidated Records View by clicking “View audit log”.



Records Navigation & Workflow Enhancements

Easily navigate between the Consolidated Records View and CommandCentral Vault by clicking “Open in Vault”.