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Crime Analysis & Investigation

Uncover More Actionable Insights

CommandCentral Analytics is your foundation for intelligence-led policing. Now, you can quickly identify crime trends, more easily track down leads and communicate insights.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Data?

Community expectations of public safety are rising. Yet, budgets and resources are never enough, bringing new meaning to the phrase "do more with less". When it comes to untapped potential, your data is a good place to start.

CommandCentral Analytics is cloud-based, leverages data from across local, nationwide and public sources and provides user-defined experiences for identifying crime trends, easily tracking down leads and communicating your insights.


Quickly Identify Crime Trends

Enable analysts to recognize emerging crime patterns and deep dive into data to understand why it is occurring. They can create an unlimited number of dashboards, each laid out however they want, with robust visualizations to help them get a new perspective on crime by seeing it in new ways.

Parameters such as crime type, date, time and more can be refined to target specific areas of interest as analysts are conducting their analysis.

And, with the ability to surface granular levels of data from source systems, analysts can conduct all their analysis from one place.

Use This Playbook To Evaluate Analytics Solutions

More Easily Track Down Leads

Take your teams investigative abilities to the next level to easily find suspects and make arrests. Using advanced searching capabilities, users can surface data from across sources - without hopping from system to system. 

LexID and link analysis capabilities verify and organize search results so that information can become intelligence. To ensure all information can be easily found pertaining to an investigation, teams can then save their work as projects. 

As an added bonus, you can leverage a dedicated Accurint for Law Enforcement interface for conducting more detailed public records search.

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Keep Everyone More Informed

Effectively communicate to proactively address crime and make the most community impact. An enterprise licensing model and simple, in-app dashboard sharing enables you to share intelligence across teams for better collaboration.

To extend your sharing abilities, standard reports can be created and then run on a specific cadence and can then be sent directly to stakeholders outside of your agency, like city council or the mayor's office via email.

Lastly, predictive analysis can also be used to help officers better anticipate incidents and engage with the community to prevent crime from occurring.

Learn More About Predictive Analytics

Built To Leverage More Data

CommandCentral Analytics works with any CAD or RMS - even multiple at the same time. It also leverages data from across agencies and publicly available records from over 10,000 sources to give you a comprehensive understanding of crime.


Configurable For Any Role

Meet all of your agency's analysis needs with a solution that can be optimized based on role and responsibility. This means personnel see only what is most applicable to them, whether they are a Chief, Officer, Supervisor, Crime Analyst or Detective.


Delivered As-A-Service

Cloud-based software-as-a-service is cost effective and optimizes your operation by regularly delivering new capabilities, all more securely and reliably. The cloud also allows us to iterate and implement your feedback for a product that best meets your needs.


The First Step Toward Next-Gen Records Management


The definition of a record is changing...

No longer is it just the forms and reports an officer completes - names, time, date, location, description, but the video, audio, images, sensor data and more that were captured throughout the incident lifecycle.

All of this information, easily collected and visualized together, provides officers with more time to connect with the citizens they serve and the necessary clarity for investigators and prosecutors to close more cases. It is also becomes the foundation for analysts and command staff to derive the insights that prevent more crime from occurring in the future. 

CommandCentral Analytics is just a building block in this evolution. Click to hear more from Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Director of Records & Evidence Product Management on next-generation records management. And, for more information visit

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