License Plate Recognition for Police

The Power of LPR Data

Go Beyond License Plate Detection

License plate recognition technology has come a long way in the decades since its introduction. Today’s LPR systems enable agencies to capture data from fixed, mobile, and in-car cameras, traffic trailers, mobile phones, and even private partners.

But the most advanced systems don’t just gather data. They go beyond simple plate detections, with powerful search, analysis and alerting capabilities, across form factors. These modern LPR solutions analyze and connect data from multiple sources, providing a unique and powerful tool to help agencies increase officer efficiency, close investigations faster, and enhance community safety, all with complete control of their data.

If you’ve thought about deploying LPR, but weren’t convinced of its value, it’s time to take another look. Download our free guide to learn how today’s LPR systems help you do more, faster.

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