Digital Vehicular Repeater

Address Your Coverage Challenges

The DVR-LX P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater

Whether in a deep valley or deep in a building, poor radio coverage puts the safety of first responders at risk. Police and fire personnel need to be able to communicate with dispatch and each other; however, many radio systems are not designed to provide service everywhere public safety professionals are called to respond.

The DVR-LX integrates with the APX™ series mobile radio to function as a compact 10-Watt vehicle repeater installed in the back of a patrol car or fire apparatus. The higher power APX mobile radio extends the range of the portable radio back to dispatch. The APX mobile radio control head is in the front of the vehicle and controls the DVR-LX.

See a couple of the benefits of utilizing a DVR-LX in combination with a APX portable radio.

Portable Radio ID

APX Portable radios affiliate with the P25 system. Their IDs pass on both the push to talk (PTT) and emergency.

Trunking Tones and Messages

Network messages get passed to APX portables and users receive out of range tones while on a conventional channel.

Direct Fallback

Allows Users who are even out of range of the DVR-LX to be able to directly communicate with others nearby without changing channels.

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