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Entries » Blog » It's All About You: MOTOTRBO 2.4 Enhances Your Customization Options

It's All About You: MOTOTRBO 2.4 Enhances Your Customization Options

Created Feb 23 2015, 6:00 AM by Ben Ansell

Part two of our MOTOTRBO Update series

Motorola Solutions has just launched a new software release for MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems. It’s focused at improving ease of use, with some new features and capabilities designed to make digital radio communications more dynamic and intuitive. So what do these new features actually deliver? Why should you care? Last week we looked at two of the major updates from release 2.4; now we’ll review additional features that have been changed for the better.

User-Selectable Audio Profiles:
MOTOTRBO radios are used in all sorts of places by all sorts of people. And they all have their own preferences on how the radio should sound. So we created this feature to give people flexibility.
Firstly, there are two ambience profiles: “Loud” and “Work Group”. They’re useful when you’re working in two different areas – like a loud factory and a quiet office – or outdoors in the howling wind, and inside in your quiet truck cab. Not just shortcuts for VERY LOUD and quite quiet volume, they also enable advanced features like Microphone Distortion Control.
Then there are the six personal profiles. With names like “Bass Boost”, they’re designed to change the tone of the sound. So if you work in a noisy factory, and prefer a “brighter” sound that cuts through background noise better, you can select “Treble Boost”.
Check out the demo video here:

Event-Driven Location Update:
Dispatchers are busy people. They need to keep track of all the mobile workers in the organization, and deploy resources to wherever they’re needed. That’s why MOTOTRBO radios have a GPS receiver built in, so dispatchers can see exactly where everyone is on their console map.
But we found a way to make it better. Using the accessory connector of the radio, you can connect it to another piece of equipment – and whenever that equipment operates, the radio will send an alert to the dispatcher to tell him what happened and (perhaps more importantly) where it happened.
So for example, a MOTOTRBO radio in a school bus can be configured to send an alert and GPS coordinates whenever the bus door is opened.
The radio on a utility worker’s truck can be configured to send a location report whenever the boom lift is raised.
And a taxi’s radio can be set up to send an alert wherever and whenever the driver picks up a passenger.
Check out the demo video here:

To learn more about the features, tune in next week for our next blog on the updates or speak to your Motorola Channel Partner. Ask for a demonstration of the new features in the latest software release, and see what they can do to help your business.

Ben Ansell is Global Marketing Lead for MOTOTRBO for Motorola Solutions, Inc.