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Entries » Blog » Checking Out How to Give Customers a Great Shopping Experience

Checking Out How to Give Customers a Great Shopping Experience

Created Jun 10 2014, 5:00 AM by Motorola Solutions

A very important focus for grocery managers is the checkout line. This is where the transactions happen, of course, but it’s also the last time for stores to influence the shopping experience of their customers.

Many things can happen at checkout that can cause the line to grow and snake all the way back to the meat department. Coupon redemption, pricing arguments between customers and cashiers, people leaving the line to get one more item, changing shifts of cashiers, and more can have the potential of sending your valuable customers home frustrated after spending far too long in the checkout line.

Research shows that customers will remember a store positively or negatively based on how they felt when they left. Therefore, making sure the checkout process is as smooth and as efficient as possible is a priority.

The MP6000 Multi-Plane Bi-Optic Scanner from Motorola Solutions can really make a difference at checkout. How? The MP6000 will save customers’ time and improve the speed with which they leave your store by swiftly swiping their loyalty cards - paper or electronic - across a customer-facing scanner. Cashiers are free to ring up purchases at any time by eliminating this step from their routine. Also, this machine is fast. Really fast. The 2D imaging engine in the MP6000 gives it incredible swiping speed. It scans bar codes at a higher rate than any laser bioptic available today, both 1D and 2D, on paper or plastic, even smartphone screens.

Be sure to “check out” the technical details online at

Apologies on the pun, but the MP6000 really is the way to get your checkout lanes flowing smoothly, which will be a great experience for your customers. And the fact that it’s the last thing they’ll remember about their shopping trip makes it a wonderful way to keep your customers coming back again and again for more great experiences.

David Turturro is a Senior Product Manager for Motorola Solutions.