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      • Motorola Solutions Celebrates Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Crowns Secure Code Warrior

        Published 8 days ago by Marilyn Barrios
        • Cybersecurity
        • Services

        The Secure Code Warrior Tournament was one of several events hosted by Motorola Solutions this October for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Beyond these activities, Motorola Solutions is committed to growing awareness around cybersecurity and increasing understanding.

        Twenty-four hours. More than 150 global competitors. A series of vulnerable code challenges. And one all-expense paid trip to Black Hat / DEFCON – one of the world’s largest hacker conventions.

        Put these together and you have Motorola Solutions’ Secure Code Warrior global tournament.

        “We hosted this event to increase awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity practices across the company,” said Troy Mattern, vice president of cybersecurity for products and services. “But it was also an opportunity for developers to share their skills with one another in a fun and supportive environment.”

        Participants were presented with a series of vulnerable code challenges and tasked with identifying the problem, locating the insecure code and fixing the vulnerability. As the clock ticked down, competitors earned points and tracked their progress on a global leaderboard.

        Cracking the code in just 47 minutes, Christian Madularu, principal software engineer from Gatineau, Canada; came out on top, followed by Piotr Furman from Krakow, Poland; and KamLeong Lai, from Penang, Malaysia.

        “When I heard that Motorola Solutions was organizing a company-wide competition, I encouraged all my teammates to participate because I knew it would be a great learning experience,” said Madularu. “The events this month have highlighted the importance of security. In our industry, a compromised product or system can mean the difference between life and death. We owe it to our customers and the public to make security a priority.”

        Marilyn Barrios is Senior Cybersecurity Training Specialist at Motorola Solutions.

      • Are You Doing Enough to Safeguard Your Communication System from a Cyberattack?

        Published 2 days ago by Troy Mattern
        • Cybersecurity
        • Services

        Every public safety, government, and private-sector organization knows they are vulnerable to cyberattacks—so much so that by 2021, cybersecurity spending could reach a cumulative $1 trillion(1). And yet, according to our recent survey of more than 100 land mobile radio (LMR) system managers around the world, there are inconsistencies in the actual measures being taken to safeguard their mission- and business-critical communication networks from cyber threats.

        Our survey reveals that organizations are not doing nearly enough to reduce the risk of cyber attack even though they note that cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects needed for their LMR network performance. Cybersecurity is the least supported item of all the system management tasks being applied by those responsible for LMR systems. Also, only 11 percent of respondents say that establishing a cyber-incident plan is a priority for the coming year.

        Three Moves to Secure Your LMR Communication Environment

        Safeguarding your LMR network requires a comprehensive approach that addresses a wide array of vulnerabilities. Leading organizations begin with three moves:

        Use proven cybersecurity frameworks and standards. Nearly a quarter of respondents—22 percent—are not taking any cybersecurity measures. Guidelines such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology  (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and ISO 27001 standard are essential for understanding, detecting, responding to and recovering from attacks. These resources provide practical insights for securing your system as well as ensuring the integrity of your data and associated technologies.

        Establish an holistic risk-based security strategy. In our survey, security monitoring is the most common security measure with 53 percent of respondents saying they conduct some form of security monitoring. And yet, sitting back and observing is not enough. Staying ahead of potential threats requires consistently applying measures such as risk assessments, information assurance road maps, security patching, and active security monitoring.

        Break free from a “set it and forget it” mind-set. Too many companies act as if cybersecurity is a once-and-done initiative—erroneously thinking that once a solution is in place, their system is protected. This kind of thinking leaves the door open for an attack.

        Bridging the Disconnect Between Perception and Action

        The trends uncovered by our survey reveal there are opportunities to reduce security vulnerabilities in LMR systems and associated technologies. If your organization lacks in-house cybersecurity expertise, Motorola Solutions can help. Our security experts are ready to work with you to enhance your organization’s ability to identify, manage, and respond to cyber threats.

        To learn more about the latest LMR system cybersecurity trends, read our full report.

        Troy Mattern is Vice President of Cybersecurity Products and Services at Motorola Solutions. 

      • Evolving From Push-To-Talk to Push-To-Anything...From Anywhere

        Published 4 days ago by David Dombrowski
        • Push-to-Talk Applications

        Speed matters. Workforce mobility is accelerating and fast, simple, reliable group communications for more people, in more places, and across more networks and devices is in greater demand. Group communications over traditional cell service isn’t fast or simple as experienced when attempting to add multiple people to a conference call via cell phone. A basic one-to-one cellular call takes 108 seconds out of your day.

        LMR service doesn't completely address the need either because people outside its coverage area or those not carrying portable radios cannot communicate with those who are on the LMR network. Often, when using two-way radios while working with some team members who are not, cell phones are needed to communicate.

        So, what’s the solution?

        Communicate Without Boundaries

        We’re evolving the way you communicate with a broadband PTT platform that delivers instant communications tailored to your organization. Teams can share information via fast, seamless individual or group communications at the push of a button over commercial or private LTE and/or Wi-Fi networks. Instantly. No dialing. No swiping. And, from anywhere. Across town. Across the state. Across the country.

        And what makes it even better ... our broadband PTT platform integrates easily with two-way radio networks so you can significantly extend the reach of your existing LMR system.

        From PTT to PTX

        We are also taking PTT beyond basic voice, delivering push-to-anything (PTX) communications that lets you share videos, images, documents and text messages with individuals or groups. You can combine voice and multimedia communications in the same PTT call to make it faster and easier to share thoughts, ideas and concepts.  

        As we lead the way innovating PTT to PTX, we do so while adhering to key standards for service reliability and consistency: Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) PoC and PCPS specifications; 3GPP Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT) and more.

        Choose the Right Device

        In addition to popular phones available from most wireless carriers, our broadband PTT platform also supports an array of ruggedized devices and accessories, ensuring that you can best equip your teams for their roles, responsibilities and work environment. You can be confident in your choice knowing that we rigorously apply ongoing device testing for maximum reliability.

        Choosing the Right Platform Matters

        Because one size does not fit all, our broadband PTT platforms offers a tailored solution so you get the right fit for your specific size, industry and budget. The right communication platform should fit within your existing workflows, not the other way around. That’s why our broadband platform supports multiple deployment options – network-integrated, cloud and premise – to meet your unique communication requirements.

        Our broadband PTT expertise is unmatched with more than 15 years delivering fast, secure, reliable push-to-talk communications to more than one million end users in nearly 40 countries supporting over 2 billion calls a year.

        We’ve only just begun to improve how you communicate - get ready for broadband PTX to evolve how you instantly connect and collaborate.

        David Dombrowski is Sr. Manager for Mission Critical Systems & Broadband Applications at Motorola Solutions.