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      • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ASTRO 25

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:30 PM by Jim McDonell

        ASTRO 25 API Suite7.pngYou may already know that ASTRO 25 systems support a number of P25 standard interfaces that allow it to connect to other P25 compliant systems, consoles and radios. But did you know that ASTRO 25 also has a variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allows software to interact and even control portions of the system?

        With APIs, you have access to new and innovative applications offered by our application developer community. API’s allow you to share data across technologies, thereby increasing collaboration with broadband users and other organizations. Our application developer community gives you the ability to select from applications with functional use for many agencies or a customized solution to meet a specific requirement.

        What APIs are available for ASTRO 25?

        1. Radio Control APIs enable an application to control the functionality of the radio. For example, radio control might be useful for an application that needs to ensure everyone in a defined area is on the same talkgroup.
        2. Console APIs provide a high-level interface for dispatcher and voice logging applications. Using these interfaces, console functions can be integrated into other applications to provide the ability to support a customized user interface.
        3. Network APIs provide access to a variety of network configuration, performance and fault data. These APIs could be used to consolidate your disparate network management systems into a Manager of Managers (MoM) that can correlate alarms and events to provide a single view of the performance of all your systems.
        4. Data APIs enable software applications to use the ASTRO 25 system as an IP data pipe. The spectrum efficient narrow band channel is ideal for the transfer of small files and short bursts of data such as license plate lookups, text and GPS location.
        5. Convergence Suite APIs extend the reach of applications beyond ASTRO 25 to include broadband by utilizing our Convergence Suite of API's. Cross platform applications can take advantage of integrated API’s for Location and Mapping, Group Management, Messaging, Context and Security to make use of data over a wider population of users.

        Through the use of ASTRO 25 and Convergence Suite of APIs, software developers can create innovative applications to solve the unique needs of an individual organization or capitalize on the ASTRO 25 network to provide value based applications.

        Learn more about ASTRO 25 at
        Learn more about our application developer program at
        Jim McDonell is an ASTRO 25 System Roadmap Manager for Motorola Solutions

      • ‘Tis the season to be stealing!

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:30 PM by Daniel Seals
        • Intelligence
        • Law Enforcement

        Detroit_Project_Greenlight_-8944.jpgEvery holiday season, police departments see the same pattern - shoplifting, entering autos, burglaries, and general theft increase exponentially. This occurs until we ring in the New Year and our “super cop” selves solve all the crimes and lock up all the bad guys causing those crimes to decrease…right? Well, not exactly. Truth is those types of crimes increase because of the seasonal increase in “criminal opportunity”.

        Let me explain. The holiday season gives the criminal a once a year opportunity to prey on our good citizens who are not concerning themselves with safety and security. Instead, they are concerned with running and buying, hustle and bustle, wrapping and cooking…oh yeah, and peace, good will and all that other stuff. The criminal element sees this as a special holiday of their own; let’s call it “Stealapalooza”. So, what do we do about it? Same old, same old each year right? Not this year!

        We have all heard that the “greatest indicator of future crime is past criminal patterns”, so let’s use those past patterns to do some good. Even if you don’t have a criminal intelligence division, you surely have someone in your department who likes to dig into your crime data; perhaps it’s that officer who needs a publisher to approve their reports. Sure their over-detailed retelling of removing a cat from a tree has been annoying in the past, but now you can put their endless thirst for detail to good use!

        Start with small focused searches of your high traffic commercial areas, looking for patterns of date and time in your theft reports. Make sure officer
        "ambitious" has access to multiple years of reports and have them compare the past holiday seasons theft reports, week to week. I said week to week, not week by week. What I mean is, compare the same weeks from different years to each other, and don’t compare November to December and so on. Compare December week one year one to December week one year two…apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

        Seeing as you have chosen a paper hound to do this task, I am confident it won’t take them long to identify time of day, day of week patterns in your theft data. But now, what do you do with that data?

        Trust it and the patterns contained in it! Begin to direct your officers to these past patterns, explaining what type of crime was in each pattern and the details surrounding those patterns. The proof will come in your increased arrests, but not only that, the increased officer presence in your newly proven holiday high crime areas will prevent more crime than you realize. (Until after Christmas and you compare this years’ numbers with your previous data.) Empower your officers with real data for real-time crime fighting and help your citizens to have a more peaceful holiday season!

        If you want see how you can automate this planning process with the advanced data analysis of CommandCentral Analytics and CommandCentral Predictive, make sure to join me for my webinar on November 15th at 12 noon CST. Sign up here.

        DJ Seals is an Industry Expert at Motorola Solutions.