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      • The Top 10 Public Safety Trends of 2015

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:29 PM by Allison Berman

        2015 was a busy year in public safety. On the heels of the events back in 2014, agencies around the United States had one thing on their mind: smart public safety. The public sector faced the pressing issues of officer and community safety, constant budget constraints, and were inundated with new sources of data. The consistent theme was agencies looking to work smarter, and keep their community safer. Here are the top 10 trends of this year:1. Digital Evidence Management Solutions Body-worn cameras are everywhere. With more cameras comes more devices for an officer to carry, and more footage for agencies to manage. There is now a unified, simplified and smart solution to address these challenges, and more. Read: Body-Worn Cameras Are Changing. For Good.2. Cybersecurity Back in 2014, there were 42.8 Million reported cyber attacks, and in 2015, that number grew an estimated 38%. While big names in all industries--including the United States Military, T-Mobile, and Chipotle Mexican Grill--were publicly hacked, nine out of ten organizations were the victim of a cyber attack. As the sophistication and frequency of attacks grow, agencies need to take action to keep their data safe. Read: Who Will Be Your Mrs Jones?, To Patch or Not to Patch, Cybersecurity is Not Enough. Organizations Need Cyber Resilience, Fixing the “Delay” of Security Patching.3. Community Policing While technology dominated much of the year’s news, community and police relationship building made a triumphant comeback. News stories covered strained relations, but communities across the country are working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement to build trust and ultimately, safety. Read: Community Policing: Why Nothing has Changed, Yet Everything is Different, What Does the Future of Intelligence-Led Public Safety Look Like? Listen: Officer Norman: Instagram Star. Kids’ Favorite Cop. Community Policing Sensation, 21st Century Community Oriented Policing.4. Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG 9-1-1)With daily communication changing from exclusively voice calls to include text, video, and image messaging, Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) personnel have had to transform the way they connect and respond during emergencies. In 2015 agencies around the country continued to update Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems and adopt ones that enable them to receive both voice and text notifications. Read: Why Was 9-1-1 Chosen as the Number to Call for Help?, Your Kids Think They Can Text to 9-1-1, 9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency: The Person Behind the Voice.5. InteroperabilityAround the country, public safety agencies are sharing information, resources, and now, airwaves. Multi-band interoperability, like that on with APX 8000, enables teams to communicate across agencies and jurisdictions to respond more quickly and efficiently. Read: Whether You're Fed, State or County, All-Band Radio Solution Lets You Easily Interoperate.6. Systems Integration The days of simply equipping a team with two-way radios are long gone. Communications are more complicated than ever, which is why agencies around the country are consulting with professionals for end-to-end solutions and complete system integration projects. Read: We’re More Than Just Radios.7. Best PracticesAgencies around the country are updating the ways their teams communicate. By sharing their stories and best practices, early adopters help others that are exploring new technology to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Read: Douglas County, NE, Bernalillo County, NM, Saginaw County, MI, Kershaw County, SC.8. Partner EcosystemCollaboration was key in 2015--between public safety agencies, as well as communications and technology companies. This year, Motorola partnered with cutting edge leaders in technology, analytics, and predictiction to provide more robust solutions to agencies of all sizes. Read: A Bedside Arrest, SceneDoc, ShotSpotter, DigitalStakeout. Listen: Forensic Logic, SceneDoc, ShotSpotter.9. Tech is Doing What?! As the world moves from pen-and-paper, to one of tweets, texts, snaps, swipes, and shares, public safety agencies are evolving as well. Nearly every aspect of public safety was innovated this year with new tech trends and capabilities. Read: How the Next Angry Birds Just Might Make the World a Safer Place, Responding to Gunfire Like House Fires, The Remarkable Ways Social Media is Changing Public Safety, Stopping Crimes Before They Happen, How Better Note Taking Can Make Your Community Stronger.10. DronesWith growing popularity, and new restrictions on recreational drone usage, there is increased interest from public safety agencies as well. Eyes in the sky can improve situational awareness to keep teams better informed, and safer. Read: The Future of Drones in Public Safety.Aided by technology, their communities, and partners, teams around the country took great strides towards improving public safety in 2015. With the events of this year still fresh in their minds, agencies will utilize the lessons learned to build safer cities and thriving communities in 2016. Join us in the new year to follow the latest public safety stories and trends.Allison Berman is the Digital Content Specialist at Motorola Solutions.