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      • Motorola is Proud to Support Firefighters with Innovative Technology Solutions

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:23 PM by Motorola Solutions

        By Dhiren Chauhan

        There were 104 firefighter fatalities according to the U.S. Fire Administration in 2013. Our collective goal is of course to completely eliminate this number going forward by providing the safest, best performing, and most robust solutions to ensure safety.

        Motorola Solutions, along with other trusted fire market vendors, have a responsibility to the brave men and women of the Fire Service to produce the products and solutions that will help ensure their safety when they are confronted with life threatening hazards at every turn.

        We work with other vendors like SCBA companies, telemetry providers, alarm indicators, and others to provide a holistic and converged solution which enables a fire fighter to use his/her gear and equipment intuitively. Key relationships with these companies help our customers find the right technology solutions, from in mask audio solutions that use our ASTRO Subscriber COTS (commercial off the shelf) pairing, to air tank telemetry solutions, like our recent partnership with Scott Safety. Motorola Solutions is on the forefront of providing cutting edge solutions to help with firefighter safety.

        At 1:55, watch Dhiren present the MSI-Scott Safety air tank telemetry solution from APCO 2013.

        Key initiatives and direction from regulatory agencies will help define how public safety solutions will evolve. As these standards filter down, it is important to listen to what Public Safety professionals are saying and how to help protect First Responders. Working together will help us better understand what the inherent problems are and how we can solve them.

        The instinct and training of firefighters go against natural instincts. They willingly put their lives at risk by going into burning buildings that could collapse, risking themselves to help preserve life and property, making a difference in the community. At Motorola Solutions, our involvement with First Responders does not end after providing a robust and well engineered portable radio, it’s where it begins. As manufacturers, we act as trusted advisors, asking our customers to put faith in our products so they perform at the same level of professionalism they do.

        We are proud to be associated with such a brave group of men and woman who have the responsibility of protecting all of us.

        Dhiren Chauhan is Manager, Fire & EMS, Motorola Solutions

        For more information on Motorola’s Fire & Emergency Services products and solutions, please visit

      • Under Water, Under Fire: These Radios Take a Beating and Keep Transmitting

        Published Dec 09 2016, 9:23 PM by Motorola Solutions

        One of the greatest concerns any law enforcement officer has is the prospect of having to fire a weapon in the line of duty. But ask any cop the one thing scarier than having to shoot at someone and they’ll quickly tell you: being shot at.

        In addition to the exhaustive training on how to respond in such life-threatening situations, law enforcement officers across the country employ a variety of protective equipment. From bulletproof vests to tactical shields, officers are taught to use whatever protection available to keep from being shot.

        And while their portable radio is certainly considered critical communication equipment, it is usually not the first thing that comes to mind when officers think of what may stop a bullet.

        But when a Florida police officer was shot while trying to apprehend a suspect a few years back, it wasn’t protective equipment that saved his life; it was the Motorola portable radio hanging from his hip. Thanks to Motorola’s legendary durability, the radio stopped the bullet, allowing the officer to walk away uninjured.


        This radio was hit by a bullet and the bullet did not get through it, preventing the bullet from striking the police officer who was carrying the radio at the time. (Photo courtesy of Adam Schwartz)

        Since first introducing portable radios in the late 1940s – with the backpack wearable SCR300 coming in at a feather-light 35 pounds - Motorola has consistently sought to not just set the bar on innovation but continually raise it. This has never been more evident than Motorola’s most recent public safety radio offering, the APX series. Thanks to a sealed metal endoskeleton covered in durable polycarbonate plastic housing, the APX series is the most durable radio on the market.

        But durability is just a part of the story. A radio needs to do more than take a beating. It needs to continue to work. Because when things are at their worst, nothing matters more to public safety professionals than knowing that when they push the talk button, the people they’re talking to can hear what they’re saying – and vice versa.

        Last year, a Colorado fireman found out firsthand what real reliability looked like when he was able to communicate clearly with his team over his APX 7000 XE radio while the radio was submerged more than a foot underwater. The fireman had waded into a roaring, chest-deep river outside of Golden, Colorado, to save the driver of a car that had spun out of control into the raging torrent.

        For nearly 30 minutes the fireman kept the driver from drowning by holding the trapped man’s head just above water while a rescue plan was set up. The only piece of the radio not completely submerged was the XE Remote Speaker Mic clipped to his chest.

        Not only could his team hear him, they could hear every word clearly thanks to Motorola’s industry-leading extreme noise cancellation (standard in all APX radios.) Motorola’s APX series employs the most advanced noise reduction algorithms and DSP audio processing to provide the highest level of audio quality in the industry.

        Hearing and being heard when it counts – that’s what matters to those who put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe. That’s the reliability they deserve. That’s the reliability the APX series provides. And while I’m pretty sure we’d never claim our radios have the ability to stop a bullet, it’s pretty nice to know that in at least one case, APX stopped one cold.

        Adam Schwartz is a Senior Account Manager at Motorola Solutions.

        Got questions? Contact Adam at

        Learn more about the APX radios at