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Entries » Blog » IMPRES 2 a New Generation. Completely Re-energized.

IMPRES 2 a New Generation. Completely Re-energized.

Created Sep 27 2016, 5:00 AM by Christina Ezell

APX_8000_XE_RSM_ elgin_fire_06161_ms_32u7983.jpgA police officer responds to a domestic disturbance. A firefighter battles an inferno across town. A SWAT team monitors a hostage situation. These are just a few scenarios that our first responders face on a daily basis. To do their jobs safely, they use a variety of tools. And the most common tool is the one we probably think the least about. Right now, somewhere across America, first responders reach for their two-way radios to call for backup. Their radios are their lifelines. But if their radio’s battery dies, it jeopardizes everything.

Each day, police, fire, rescue and public works departments rely on two-way radios to keep them connected so they can do their jobs. And those radios require durable, long-lasting batteries to carry them through long shifts. But departments faced common battery management issues like overcharging and overheating, which can reduce battery life and reliability. As such, agencies used to spend a lot of time and money analyzing and managing batteries to ensure each battery in the field had enough capacity, and could thus provide secure, uninterrupted communication throughout shifts.

To improve battery management, Motorola Solutions listened to its customers and developed
IMPRES™ technology. It’s the first smart energy system for two-way radios and uses charging algorithms and automatic maintenance to enhance the life of the radio battery. The charger and radio displays give the user an indication of the exact battery capacity still available, ensuring each battery in the field has optimum capacity.

IMPRES™ is a system so smart, it eliminates all manual battery maintenance. A case study with the City of Madison, explains how IMPRES helped them with battery management. Gone are the days of over reconditioning batteries, which shortens their lifespan, or of overheating batteries, which compromises their health.

Now there’s
IMPRES 2, designed for APX™ and SRX series radios. It’s a next-generation energy system that’s even smarter and keeps first responders powered for even longer. With IMPRES 2 chargers, batteries can be charged up to 40% faster ensuring they are ready for the next emergency. And with enhanced diagnostics, IMPRES 2 multi-unit chargers also manage power more intelligently, eliminating the need for a separate battery reader. A built-in diagnostic tool provides important usage data, such as a battery’s ability to hold a charge and its time in service. Now, agencies can use information to manage their fleet more efficiently, and replace low capacity batteries before it’s too late.

2 batteries have been improved as well. Higher capacity results in more talk time and with better water resistance all IMPRES 2 batteries can handle IP68 submersion. Furthermore, with the ability to charge up to 60% more times than standard Lithium Ion batteries, our next-generation energy system will reduce costs for agencies. We continue to innovate so no matter what challenges our first responders face, they know they can rely on their radio.

Your radio is your lifeline. Don’t let a dead battery jeopardize your personnel or operation. Watch this
video to learn more about how the IMPRES 2 next-generation energy system can help you.

Christina Ezell is the Global Product Marketing Manager at Motorola Solutions